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Farmers Walks without Farmers Walks


Do many of you guys use Farmers Walks?

How do you manage without Farmers Walks? Dumbbells?

I find these tend to twist and dig into my wrists and I have to give up from the weight rubbing on bone rather than my grip.

Also what day do you do these? I am following a WS style template, Dynamic / Max Effort Upper / Lower days.


I just tried them yesterday with dumbells. seemed to work just fine.


We built some simple ones...too old paint buckets, like 3 gallons and filled with concrete and put some pipes into em. You can do the same thing with concrete, lead, whatever,..they work fine.
I also sometimes use a deepfaced 100 lbs plate to really blast my fingerstrength.


dumbbells blow for them because they roll out of your hands, but work.

Personally, do that until you can find a welder to make a set of cheapo handles for yourself. They cost only about $100, less if you buy the materials yourself.


I've got no problems using dumbbells. They only roll out if you can't keep your grip locked, in which case you just need a stronger grip.


if there is enough room, do farmers with olympic bars- they wont roll like fixed dumbbells and are harder to do


Trap bar.


Tried them a couple of times with dumbbells, had no problem. If you're referring to the back of your wrist bone rubbing against the dumbbell I used to have that problem too last year doing heavy shrugs. Increasing my grip strength and moving the positioning of my hands easily fixed it.


Agreed. If I am understanding the problem correctly, you can move your hand closer to the front of the dumbbell(the way you are facing) to solve this. Generally, heavier weights tend to sag to one side due to the mechanics of your wrist/hand.

And on a side note, I think Dumbbells are great for farmers walks. I have neither a trap bar or farmer bars but dumbbells have worked fine.


Thanks guys, that helps.

I will play with hand placement tonight and see how we go.

But yes the issue was umbrella tilting and rubbing on the wrist bone. Ironic since I need stronger grip for it and one of the reasons I am doing it is for grip!

What days do you normally do them?


I do them on deadlift days and squat days. First 2 weeks in a wave, than 2 weeks off. Helps keep tendonitis at bay for me.


Does anybody happen to know the dimensions of a standard farmer's walk handle set? My dad is a pretty good welder and said he could make me some. Any help would be appreciated.



i know theres a website where u can get welding plans for all metal strongman equipment


WHAT??? where is this place, zishe?
ive always wanted an excuse to buy a welding machine


Ive welded my own and for others. I dont know if they still do but efs had there dimensions on there site and I copied em. They dont have to be exact though.


how do you do fw with barbells??? ive tried it @ my gym but 1 end always becomes lopsided and i have to dump the bar


how do you do farmers walks with just a barbell?? everytime i try 1 end becomes lopsided ans i have to dump the bar


Just find something heavy, pick it up, and walk.