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Farmers Walks - What Day to Do Them?


I’m recovering from a groin/abdominal injury and I am planning what to do when I get back in the gym. It’ll probably be 3x full body workout so my question is are there likely to be recovery issues if I did farmers walks or prowler pushes on one or two of the non-lifting days?

Or if I went for 2x upper/ 2x lower per week which of those days would you suggest if best for adding in farmers walks or prowlers?

My goal will be to gain muscle. I usually get 7 hours of sleep (I could be better at it to be honest) and I have a desk job.


We have guys who do 3/week fullbody workouts plus an event day (which wouls have farmers if they were part of a comp) - no problems. You probably want to rotate things so you only go heavy and short once every 4-6 weeks

I put carrying events on squat days if I am doing it during the week. Unless there is also a load then it goes on deadlift days unless I am also doing stones then they’re back on squat days… simple haha You could make a case for anything, it doesn’t really matter. Especially if it’s not for a strongman contest.

Thanks man, so to me it seems that you are saying they are fairly flexible and can be added on either upper or lower day (if I go upper/lower) or on one or 2 of the rest days if I did full body? Just so long as I manage the intensity of it?

Where you suggest going heavy and short once every 4-6 weeks would it look something like this:
Week 1: heavy as possible for 50 paces x 2-3 rounds (my gym hasn’t got yards marked out so I’d have to count steps/paces)
Week 2: 75% of week 1 for 70 paces x 2-3 rounds
Week 3: 50% of week 1 for 50 paces x 6-8 rounds
Week 4: back to week 1

I’m just making this up so feel free to tear it apart.

Yeah, get a tape measure, measure out 15m and mark it with pot plants or something. The last thing you want to do when carrying a heavy ass weight or holding on for dear life on max distance carry is count steps.

Your layout is okay, I like:
Week 1: 60-70% as far as you can, aim for 100+m
Week 2: 60-70%% keep going until you can’t do 30m in 10 seconds you may keep the weight the same or increase it each run. 120s rest between sets
Week 3: As heavy as you can for 15m
Week 4: 50%; 2x30m

Next cycle around go:
Week 1: more distance
Week 2: more runs or more weight
Week 3: more weight

When you fail to achieve any of that, then change things up.

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