Farmers Walks: Fast or Slow?

What should be the focus when performing these for fatloss? Going full speed ahead with as much weight as possible? Or is tempo not as important as the load placed on the bar?

I have no experience with this exercise, hence the question.

In previous articles I have read from CT, when it is about fat loss it is more to do with time. In Built for Battle for example he mentions do 60 sec for max distance with 1min rest for 5 sets, if conditioning is the goal.
In another one specifically about farmers walks he says 2 min sets with 1 min rest for fat loss.

It depends on the goal. But normally I recommend a regular walking speed. No so much for the speed itself but to make sure that you maintain a solid posture. There is a diffference between doing farmer’s walk to build muscle, strength or improve conditioning and doing it competitively (to get the fastest time possible).

Ok so if I understand correctly, for hypertrophy/fatloss you want a greater time/distance covered (just like the one mentioned in the table from your program design course).

For loading, you would select the appropriate weight to cover that time/distance and get the benefits of metabolic stress WITHOUT losing solid posture?

See it this way: if you are squatting, deadlifting, overhead pressing, you name it, either for strength or hypertrophy the parameters will change but for both purposes you want to use proper lifting technique.

Why would that be different for farmer walks?

The technique you see in WSM competition is kinda like using kipping pull-ups in Crossfit competition: it’s the style that allows you to get the best “performance” while still being within the rules, but it is not the best style to use when you want to build muscle, lose fat or get stronger.

Can’t agree more, locking in good form is crucial. I’m certainly not arguing against that.

My intent is to figure out what the right intensity would be for this exercise in the context of fatloss/hypertrophy.

I’m assuming your answer is choosing the right load that allows you to maintain solid form for the distant/time covered. I’m just not familiar with the exercise and don’t really know how to gauge intensity to get the benefits out of the movement specifically oriented towards fatloss/hypertrophy.

By gauging I mean what you need to achieve in order to be in the right ball park: being out of breath, feeling the lactacte buildup (hydrogen ions yes) inside the muscles,…?

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I like to vary them. Some days I will go heavy as shit, other days more moderate and for longer walks. It doesn’t make any sense to speed up unless you’re in a competition or something. Tighten everything and walk in a normal controlled manner.

For fat loss I believe CT has generally recommended longer duration walks. Keep in mind this is typically 1-3 minutes, not getting 5 lbs and walking for 30.

It seems like you’re overthinking it a bit. Put some heavy shit in your hands and walk. Mix up the implements from time to time (I rotate KB’s, DB’s, Trap bar). Mix up the types (traditional, zercher, goblet, etc.).

Honestly you have no shortage of articles on this website that discuss in more detail. Search for farmers walks and see what all you get. Experiment and have fun I absolutely love carries. You will be out of breath to an extent but often your grip will go before your lungs. This isn’t an exercise like complexes or something that’s going to have you gasping for breath as usually something gives out before then. Use other types of metcons if you want that feeling but I absolutely think this is a mix of armor building, fat loss, strength, hypertrophy that isn’t seen often.

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