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Farmers Walk

Last saturday I did heavy farmers walks for 3 sets of 70 feet with 200lbs in each hand. Only problem is that this week my grip was still fried and I couldn’t do any heavy grip work (plate pinches, wrist roller, bar hangs) for 7 days. Can I train my farmers walk more times a week without being sore for a week after? And can I raise my grip GPP (or is there such a thing?)

Thanks in advance

the first time you did squats were you sore as all hell for quite some time? Is that still the case?

I’m guessing the answer to the first is yes and to the second no… I don’t see why your grip would be any different.

Yeah, you do have to build up the volume for grip work - you’ll get better at holding for long periods, I’d be willing to bed you haven’t done much before that required a sustained contraction of more than 10 seconds. You’ll adapt - train through the soreness within reason. Use straps when you have to while your grip is catching up.


Your grip will adjust as time goes on. Increase the volume little by little, and it will get there. It always hurts the first time!!!

3 heavy sets of farmers can be pretty taxing on your grip. Keep farmers at most once a week and grip once a week. If you know you have a heavy farmers day coming up, cut back your grip workout.

Heavy farmers never affected my crush or pinch grip training but the inverse is not always true.

Increasing your grip volume is a double edged sword. You need to do more to get stronger but if you do too much, you’ll get weaker and your hands will hurt all the time.

Can anyone tell me how many yards you should start off with the farmers walk…is 30 yards good. I usually just go for time, like walk for 1 minute. Is that too much and should I just do like 30-50 yards instead of timing it like I’m currently doing?