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Farmers Walk


Hey does anyone know a good australian Site to order farmers walk / strongman equipment from ? cheers


You can do a farmer's walk with just about anything man. Just go to a local thrift shop and buy a couple of large suitcases. Put some plates in em and walk. Do some walks with sand bags or some cinderblocks. Be creative!



has farmers walks other strongman stuff even safety squat bars weight releasers and bands...

one point though is that they are very expensive

PM me for more info


where in aus are you?



I live 20 mins from the guy who owns this online store, he is a nice guy and very knowledgeable sp? i get all my powerlifting gear from him. Where u from chris?




You in brisbane?

many other aussies here?


Yup, I'm in Canberra. Re the Strength Supplies prices, they may look high for bars and other heavy gear, but if you've ever tried importing this type of gear you soon realise why - shipping costs for anything heavy are ridiculous. My PDA shrug bar (which is admittedly very nice) ended up costing over $800.


Hey Chris is that site australian? Also any of you guys seen a reverse hyper or GHR in any aussie gyms or any retailers? if so were abouts. cheers


In tassie here. I have yet to see any GHR or reverese hypers !


yes the site is australian and it sells GHR and reverse hypers too i think


I have a Calgym reverse Hyper in my studio, one of three made so they told me, other two are at AIS, first one they shipped was faulty, quite happy with the current one.


dont know what the shipping costs between aussie and nz are but getstrengh.com in auckland have all that type of equipment.


Not seen GHR or Reverse Hyper in gyms here (Canberra) but this could be because I train at home LOL.

Find out where your local powerlifting club/football teams train, they are most likely to have them. For example, the Queensland powerlifters train at the UQ gym, which does have them.

If you train at home like me, you can improvise for a GHR. There was a T-Nation article that covered it the other day. Basically you need a pad to go below your knees, which should raise them high enough that your feet when at normal angle to your lower leg are just touching the ground. You need a partner you can trust to hold your feet down. Then proceed as per normal GHR. Put your hands down if necessary to stop your face smashing into the floor!

Alternative excercise which I have found great for glutes/hams as well as abs is RDLs.

Buying a GHR or Reverse Hyper for home use is only for the rich. The best option for those in Aus is possibly GetStrength (lower shipping because they are made in New Zealand).


ohh yeah calgym also make reverse hypers and GHR... the reverse hyper looks good the GHR doesnt though IMO anyway

check the site out just do a search for calgym...

None of this shit is cheap though... i asked calgym how much it would cost for a very basic power rack... it was 2000 plus gst plus shipping and installation


the site that i posted is kinda like an australian outlet of strength supplies... well they carry their products anyway


Tell me about it mate, got a full setup kitted out by them last year, some good stuff some not so great. Power rack is OK, has good pin spacing howver the height is far to low and anyone over 6'1 wont be able to do overhead stuff in it. The cost was far too much. There is a guy in melbourne that will pretty much build anything.
Just got a quote for a lifefitness power rack and that was cheaper than Calgym!!
Has anyone used a Aussie Barbell Trap Bar and if so are you happy with it?


a couple of guys i know are just going to welders/fabricaters and giving them a design and getting tailor made ones made up... i think it ends up being about half the price...

when you say you got it all kitted out you mean for yourself or do you own a gym?

Do you live in melbourne? I know a guy there that trains pretty hard for powerlifting... i can get you in contact with him if you like


got a link to those sites a did a quick search for aussie barbell and got the aussie bodies supplement company

also a link to lifefitness would be cool too


No, its a gym for one on one training, hate to say personal training cause I don't think of myself as one the million others around. And it is in Melbourne.

Spent money on a few pieces that I hardly ever use such as a seated chest press, guess I was excited about the concept of getting a gym, still though have the rack, reverse hyper, heaps of weight, pretty good dumbells up to 50KG and Olympic Plate dumbells to make heavier bells.

Not training for powerlifting as such, more MMA, have had some pretty bad hand injuries and have just started pulling again and pressing as. Definetly have a huge PL and OL orientation in my own training and that of the clients. All the women I train even now understand the importance of resistance training and strength.

The links are:




australian barbellco.com


thanks your a champ