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Farmers Walk


So i have been stalling on my deadlift lately due to my grip. I did some research and some poeple recommended doing farmers walks to add grip strength.

Is is better to use lighter weight for longer distances or go heavy for short distances?


To help deads, go heavy and short.


Use a mixed grip when deadlifting? I mean, how much weight are we talking about?

(on farmers walks specifically, I agree with JayPierce, though).


Farmers walks are great for grip strength. But I also find that reverse curls and, as unconventional as this sounds, hanging from a pullup bar with one hand helps strengthen my grip. I noticed my grip not giving out as easily by doing this for a good month.


You're in pretty good company on this one. :wink:

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One factor that hasn't been addressed yet, for the original question, is... what's your deadlift currently at? If you're still at a beginner's level (lifting bodyweight or below), it could be as simple building total body strength/conditioning and maybe using straps (or even just a mixed grip) on your last set of deads.

With farmer's walks, I'd go pretty heavy (total load close to the deadlift weight that's giving you trouble) and try to increase the distance/time a bit each session. Every three or four workouts, reduce the weight a bit and go longer to address a different aspect of grip strength endurance.

But like forbes mentioned, farmer's walks are only one tool in the toolbox. You might want to consider tweaking the rest of your biceps/forearm work.


im currently stuck at 315. At 315 i can do 1x5 or 3x3 but i was aiming to be able to do 3x5 or 5x3 before adding weight. I use a mixed grip and no straps or gloves. Near the end of the sets my hands are almost completly open and the weight is just on fingertips.

also what do you consider a short distance? (in feet)

IF this helps my current stats are as follows:

AGE: 31
DL @ 315 5x1
SQ @ 275 5x5
BNCH @ 170 5x5
PRESS @ 135 5x5

I'm relatively new to weight training and started a little over a year ago.


my grip has gotten a lot stronger since doing farmer walks. However I used towels as well. As in, I grabbed 2 small hand towels and wrapped them around the dumbells so im holding only the towels. My grip got a lot stronger after doing this for a couple weeks which allowed my deadlift to move up.


heavy, absolutely. if you are only focused on grip you dont even have to walk. just pick up heavy ass dbs and squeeze em till you drop them


thanx for the tips!....i'll try to use the heaviest ones they have at my gym...i believe our heaviest bds go to 110 lbs? I do see how just holding them would improve my grip but i figure i might as well do the walk rather then just do a static hold.

although, im not to sure how far i will get with that much weight. If i can only hold them for say 10 seconds should i drop the weight to something lighter? or just stick with that max amount until my time goes up?


Damn right.

10 sec is a good time to build off of. Stick with it.