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Farmers walk w\ Westside

i’ve recently started Dave Tate’s introductory Westside program, and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to incorporate farmer’s walks and other kinds of grip training into this program. thanks for any advice.

i FRIED my grip putting them on a DE day. worked alot better when i put them on lower body ME day …

I do my grip stuff either as part of the normal workouts (like rows or shrugs w. thick bars) or at the end of them (wrist extensions, pinch gripping etc.). Just dont do grip training on days before heavy deadlifting …

I hit it on sunday (de bp) which I use as a gpp day to do waterbury walks and such…

These days, my favorite way to do Farmer’s Walks is to play a little game with myself where I race against the clock. On my stopwatch, I’ll set a countdown time of (for example) 7 minutes. Then I’ll start timing how long it takes me to walk off the seven minutes, stopping the countdown everytime I need to rest. Each time I do my Farmer’s Walks, I’ll try to beat my previous time.

Thanks for the advice. i just looked up W walks, and I am definately going to try them at my next workout!

In the past I have done farmers walks with light weight on ME SQ day and heavy weight on DE SQ day This worked pretty well, and my farmers walk improved about 50 lbs in 6 weeks.
Good Luck

I’ve been doing farmers walk for gpp right before most of my workouts. dont know if thats right tho