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Farmers Walk Training


Hey all im thinking of starting to do these every so often as it seems a good way to work around injuries and keep up some of my conditioning seeing as i can't do much cardio either.

What's a good way to start off? Provided Ive never done them before, i don't want to go too mad and get injured. I guess id just be carrying them in my garden and back, but what else? I mean, should i am for 1min amount of walks, or a set distance with a given weight? What's something easy to start off with and then improve on within a few days.

Could you guys also give me some stepping stones, say, what's the best way for hypertrophy? Low rest times im assuming, but more distance, weight, or does it not matter?

And vise versa if i wanted to get it in for a form of cardio im guessing id have to do it for longer and with less weight?

And lastly, i hear it's pretty much a full body lift, but areas that'll grow will be mostly traps and forearms, what traps though? Just the upper fibers? I mean you keep your shoulders back right? But retracting and depressing them to get some involvement from the mid/low traps is a bit extreme and shouldn't be used? Yes im a noob to all this, but i need to develop my undeverloped low/mid traps and was wondering if FW's will help or just make things worse.

Im sure some of you will be able to help, thanks.


Sounds like you're doing them for all the wrong reasons. Yes, upper traps.

What's wrong with shrugs if you want traps and forearms? Or did some article say that farmers walks are the bestest thing ever and he would choose them over his wife?


This exercise is brutal if you are going to lift decent weight similar to deadlifting do not go half assed on farmers walks. sled and band training might be a better option unless you are going to use dumbells for farmers walks.


Well i was thinking of doing them to keep some conditioning and get some workout from them. I don't have a sled available at home so thought of farmers walks.

Nothing is wrong with shrugs but walking with a weight is going to involve more muscle and be harder than just shrugging it up.