Farmers Walk Question

So i train 3 days a week (tuesday/thursday/saturday) and on days off (except sundays which are totally off) I go to the gym to do some farmers walk (4 rounds of like 30 second , after warming up) mostly to stay active, use it as “cardio” and because im all about neck and traps!
Question is… I usually add weight after 2 sessions with the same weight… i havent stalled yet but its ok to keep going heavier everytime?? I dont have the option to go for distance since I already use all the space I can

You have lots of ways to progress, adding weight being one of them. Like all forms of progression, it’s going to stop one day and you’ll need to figure out how to keep going.

If you are able to do 4 rounds of farmers 3 days a week on top of 3 days of weight training, there is no way they are loaded to any meaningful or beneficial degree. Events should beat you up pretty good, which is why most folks only do them 1 day a week.

Focus on moving your feet as fast as possible. Don’t just go plodding along. 8 seconds is a decent time for 50’. Find the heaviest weight you can carry to move that fast. Few rounds of it will wipe you out.

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So it would be better to do them only 1 day the heaviest/fastest i can instead of accumulating volume 3 days a week for 4 rounds?
Gotta be honest traps size and grip strength have improved a lot with this method, im nowhere near strongman levels but im progressing nicely strength wise but I was just worry it would beat up tendons and such way too much this way

It’s a moving event: accumulating volume isn’t going to have much benefit.

If your goal is trap size and grip strength, why not do shrugs? That’s what those are for. Walking isn’t adding any benefit to that while opening yourself up to a host of new variables to contend with.

The Dan John podcast episode 2, starting around 18mins has some insights into how to program daily loaded carries.

I agree with @T3hPwnisher. One day a week with 3-5 rounds is PLENTY. I do them once a week after deadlifts for 3-5 rounds and it leaves me beat up for a few days.

Walking around carrying dumbbells is cool. The benefit of walking vs standing is that it’s less boring. And more like something you might actually do in your regular life.

If you keep adding weight the only bad thing that will happen is that one day you won’t be able to carry them as far as you want.

To add distance you could always walk the distance you normally walk, twice. Or more times.