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Farmers Walk in Place?

I’m looking to do Athlete Lean Athlete strong, but I don’t have an area that I’m able to walk around in my gym for farmers walks. What would be a good alternative? Could I do this marching in place or on a low step up? Any thoughts? Here’s a link to the original program.

When I didn’t have access, I would take the bar and walk forwards and backwards in the power-cage/rack. You got about 1 1/2 meter depending. It worked ok, especially when you have some oscillation in the bar happening, but wasn’t the real thing… far from.

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Thanks so far I’ve been lucky and have been able to go to the gym while the basketball court isn’t in session and can take the trap bar in there.

Hopefully I can keep going around that same time of day.

Yeah you can walk forward and back a few feet but staying in place even if marching in place doesn’t have the full benefits