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Farmer's Walk in 5/3/1


I just finished a few weeks of Mass Made Simple and really like the Farmer’s Walk. I’m just starting 5/3/1 and am wondering what day would be a good day to include it as assistance work?


I would recommend on any day - most of our training is “full body” even if we do “one lift/day”. The only thing I would recommend is not doing it before you pull, as your grip may be compromised.

DO NOT do this for conditioning. It’s a TERRIBLE idea and one that needs to be squashed ASAP. It’s a fine movement but horrible for conditioning.


I walk for conditioning, so no worries there. The Farmer’s Walk makes me feel stronger so I like it. I googled it and found where you talked about it with Strongman training and you had it on a squat day so I think I’ll put it on that day (on which I also do abs on so no lat work to be compromised by grip issues).

Thanks for the answer!


I did the three day a week template with a strongman day on the weekend where farmers were done. Squat day sounds like a perfect day. If you are doing the 4 day split you could do farmers for speed on dl day and strength on squat day.


@The_Myth, I do a 3x 531 and weighted vest walk for conditioning on non weight days. I finishing every workout w/ loaded carries. Been using kettlebells, like the thicker grip. I try to mix it up since I have 3 sessions, 1 Arm suitcase carries w/ lighter load, standard 2 arm, and then 2 arm w/ unbalanced load (switching half way through). I generally like to get in 100-150 tight paces per set and do 2-3 sets given the day. Really trying to focus on consistent strides and an upright spine.


I just treated myself to a pair of farmer walks handles and do 3 sets of 20m on my bench day.