Farmers Walk, How Many Days Per Week?

Hai Everybody…
Basically am doing 5/3/1 5´s pro, +BBB, and my accesory work:

25 reps push
25 reps pull
25 reps abs…

My question is: am doing (instead the 25 reps abs) farmers walk with dumbells, 3 sets of 10/30 mts heavy, 3 days a week… is this correct? or its too much? am feeling good by the way, but really i dont know if is too taxing for the body,

thank you very much… and, when you do farmers walk/loaded carries guys?

Thats great, if it feels good keep going. Farmers walks a great for building grip strength, traps, upper back and systemic stability overall. I do a loaded carry at the very end of every workout, usually 2-3 sets, it just feels good man.