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Farmers Walk for Strength/Conditioning Technique


Hey CT,

You've recommended in several articles doing the farmers walk. In "The Best Exercises.Peiod" article, you gave guidelines for the amount of time to carry the objects depending on the specific goal - strength, strength/keeping fat at bay, and fat-burning/conditioning.

The videos and articles I've read regarding technique on the farmers walk are geared towards strongman training. The biggest point I'd like to ask about is that I've researched that one should hold the handles slightly behind center to give the object(s) a forward lean, and to walk as quickly as possible while under control. Most of these distances/times are short, usually nothing over 100 ft which generally takes 30 seconds at the most.

My question is, if I'm doing them for hypertrophy/conditioning like you mention, where the time of the carry ranges from 1-2 minutes and the distance covered will be far greater than 100 ft, should I still be carrying the object(s) strongman-style, meaning forward lean and walking very quickly? Or do you recommend better posture and simply walking at a normal pace?