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Farmers Walk for Bodybuilding


I was just looking at a couple different sites comparing sled prices and saw some cheap prices for a pair of farmer's walk handles (about $130). Do any bodybuilders here use them regularly in training, and if so, where do you fit them into your schedule?


I've only done the 'walk' as a strongman contest event. While it may not contribute to traditional bodybuilding type work, I would imagine it could do wonders for your traps and forearms (but so could deads...)



Flame away, but I always think of "miscellaneous" exercises like that are just nice diversions from a regular BB routine on occasion. You know, as a change of pace. In fact, I think there are way too many articles here on T-Nation that advocate such movements as if we'll reach our BBing goals by including them.

But if the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, why would I want to waste so much more energy by zig-zagging? In other words, for example, if shrugs work so directly on traps, why lumber around until I'm exhausted doing Farmers Walk in the hopes that it'll bring up my traps? Hey! Maybe I'll get my training partner to hold my feet while I walk around on my hands doing the Wheelbarrow for a few laps around the gym parking lot! My pecs are sure to swell up from it!



Haha very valid point Iron Dwarf.


Be good for your grip strength and forearms.


Delts and core work right there, too!


Most positive results are better suited for strongmen. Not a bad idea for a change of pace, but why not do something more productive towards your goals?


I do a farmers walk from the db rack to a bench and back does that count?ha I throw them in now and again more for fun than anything else.I dont think they would result in much hypertrophy gains .