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Farmer's Walk Contest Weight: Total or Per Hand?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am doing my first ever strongman competition, I will be in the lightweight women’s novice division.

When they list a specific weight for a Farmers walk (ex. 185lbs) is that the weight in each hand or a total of 370 lbs?

Ask the promoter to know for sure, but it is typically per hand.

I don’t do strongman but you could probably tell by weight class and weight given. At 185 holding 95lbs per hand that would be a joke for most. Not me my hands are like claw machines at the boardwalk.


If the weight ends in a ‘5’, it’s almost certainly going to be per hand.

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Thanks! I figured it was per hand but I couldn’t find a definite answer anywhere online. The weight classes are a little odd I think because I’m in 165 and under. As a woman that could be a big difference - you could easily have a woman that’s 110 lbs up against 165 so I’m not sure what to expect (but I’m 140 so not too worried about that). I figure I will just train to make sure I can do all of the events.

weight classes are generally catered to the top end of the class. Like, the expectation is that you will be close to that, not that you will be coming in at 110 lbs, or even 140. That being said, if this is a small regional show, LWW class is usually quite small. So it’s hard to know what to expect in terms of who will actually show up. You might have a girl who walks around at 170 cutting 5 lbs to make weight, or you may not have anyone heavier than you. Impossible to predict. At larger shows though, most competitors will be much closer to the top end.