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Farmers Walk and Underhand Throw

I just read one of your contributions to T - Nation and in you advised testing athletic explosive strength with an underhand throw of a 10-12 lb ball. I wasn’t sure if this was two handed or one?
In the same article you recommend farmers walk with the trap bar. If you don’t have a trap bar can you use Dumbbells as a reasonable substitute?

Caber toss

Two handed, grabbing the ball under it (caber toss style) and throwing it backward as far as possible

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Any type of implements will do for farmer walks. You can use a trap bar, dumbbells, KBs (if you have some that are heavy enough or if you decide to use a long distance), farmer walk implements or two barbells. The only issue with DBs is that it won’t take long until the DBs you have are too light.

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