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Having been inspired by all the other brave people putting their training logs out there for all to see, I thought I would do the same. I am 41 now and have been training consistently for 20+ years in my home gym.

I seem to make most progress when I cycle my weights up gradually over a long period of time but, am guilty of changing my routine (and therefore conveniently lowering the weights) every time I get into uncharted territory and the weights start to get painfully heavy. Which means I end up taking 3 steps forward 2 steps back. Iâ??m hoping that you guys will act as my virtual training partner and give me the necessary kick up the arse and make me stick with the weight increases even when it starts to get really tough.

And hopefully by posting my training log I'll feel worthy enough to contribute on the long running posts of other lifters. I will also post vids of my lifts as I have just discovered my digital camera can take short clips!

All comments, advice and criticism will be greatly appreciated.



Front Squats 248lbs 5x5

Glute Ham Raise BW 5x5 (performed as a superset, GHR done kneeling on pulley machine)

Weighted dips 71.5lbs 7/5/4
Ez curls 104.5lbs 6/5/4

(Normally superset chins and dips, but I'm just easing back into upper body training after several weeks off with elbow tendonitis. Aiming to introduce some push presses next week)


248 5x5 front squat is pretty stout - I'm looking forward to seeing your training


Thanks soldog. The 248 was a PR by 6lbs. I am aiming to post a vid when I get to 264. Hopefully in 3 weeks or so.


7/10/2010 Cardio night

Tabata intervals on my Trixter 600 Bike (gear 24)

20 seconds work 10 seconds rest x 8

In and out in about 10 minutes, thats my kind of cardio workout!


Sure is, nice work farmer.


Thanks daddyzombie. Back squatting tomorrow. Filmed myself last week and discovered my back squats werent as parallel as I thought, so Ive had to lower the weight and start going ATG or as close as my flexibility will allow and then work back up. I'll post some vids soon.



ATG Back squats @ 319lbs 5 sets of 5 reps (supersetted with) GHR @ Bw 5 sets of 5 reps

Weighted dips 71.5lbs 7/6/4.5 (superseetted with) Ez curls 104.5lbs 7/5/4

Last set of squats was hard. When I cant manage the 5th rep I'll drop that set


Good for you. The camera doesn't lie.


True words kpsnap. One of the few negatives of training alone at home is that you can't check your own form. Outweighed by the positives though.

Train whenever I want
No queueing for equipment
All the sweat on benches is my own
I can wear what I want
I can make silly noises and faces while lifting without feeling self conscious and best of all
I can play Xanadu over my speakers without fear of being lynched!

Thanks for looking at my log.


Wait! You've got Olivia Newton-John records? I'll be right over. I think she was one of the one's responsible for the sweat band and ankle warmer craze. (Yeah, I'm real old). Let me add my "really good front sqauts" to all the rest. And welcome.


Thanks for the kind welcome. Just read your profile. You're a man after my own heart, no supplements, no vitamins, no fancy diet or fancy exercises, just the basics. The good thing is, what got you strong first time round (600lb+ squat @ 217 bw WOW!!)still works just as well now.



Deadlift 358lbs 5 sets of 5

Weighted dips 77lbs 6/6/3!! (Don't know what happened there)

supersetted with

Ez curls 104.5 7/6/5

Film of tonights deadlifts and dips. Feel free to critique and comment.


2nd set of deads.


2nd set of dips.


Nice gym.

You sure move your feet a bunch when you DL.

Really great dips.



Tabata intervals on the bike.

Bit of trap soreness from yesterdays deadllifts. Don't normally get sore but I'm starting to get some after each workout now, probably because I'm approaching or surpassing my previous PR's. Been neglecting my foam rolling of late so I've brought it back to the house and I'm going to try and use it every night before bed.


Nice training. I find I do the same thing as you on the deads, which is rounding the back abit. It doesn't seem to bother me much, so if it's the same for you, I would not worry about it.

Is it possible you could show me how you do your GHR's? (on pulley machine)


Hi Scott. I've recently tried to change my deadlift form (watched some vids by Rippetoe etc) but the excessive arch they recommend just didn't feel comfortable. So I've gone back to what feels natural to me. I don't think rounding the upper back a bit is as dangerous as rounding the lower back and I don't suffer with any back pain at all so I guess "If it aint broke don't fix it". I'll post some vids of my front squat and GHRs tomorrow.


5th set of front squats


Front squat @ 253lbs 5 sets of 5 (supersetted with) GHR @ bw 5 sets of 5

Military press @ 154lbs 4/3/3* (supersetted with) Chin ups @ bw 7/5/5*

  • First chinning and pressing since May of this year since recovering from elbow tendonitis. Felt ok, but the true test will be how my elbows feel tomorrow.