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Farmer's Log 2


Now featuring an apostrophe!, it bugged the hell out of me that I left it off last time.

A brief bit about me, I'm male, 42 years old, 5'8" and about 210.

LIKES- Cinema, eating out, eating in, walks on the beach, kittens, walks on the beach with kittens, sunsets, popping bubblewrap, chess, collecting Justin Bieber memorabilia, honesty, cycling and needlepoint.

DISLIKES- Animal cruelty, SPAM (the emails, not the tinned meat), smoking, people who make excuses, people who say "everythink" instead of "everything", cannabalism, SPAM (the tinned meat, not the emails), country dancing and celery.

Please enclose photo.
All replies will be answered.

Oh yeah, forgot, also do a bit of lifting!

Old log here http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_senior/farmers_log




First time I've been second...



Shoulder w/u circuit

Band pull aparts x 20
Band dislocates x 20 - twice through without rest.

Pull Ups @ bw x 5-5-5-5-4

Incline DB Bench Press @ 85.5 lb'ers x 7-7-7-7-7

Seated Row @ 187 lbs x 5-5-5-5-5

Standing DB Press @ 47 lb'ers x 10-10-10-10-10

EZ Curls @ 88 lbs x 8-8-8 (supersetted with)

Push Ups @ bw (feet elevated on 12" box) x 20-20-15

Face Pulls @ 50 lbs x 10-10-10-10

Did a lot of digging and shovelling over the weekend (opening ditches) and my right shoulder is feeling it today. It didn't hurt on the pull ups, but it was much weaker than the left.

Got myself a bit of rope for the face pulls and did them to behind the ears. Remembered my shoulder w/u this time.

Should have done fives on the incline bench, but the weight was too light.


Liking the variety of this session, spice of life as "they" say


Would it bug you if I said that putting the apostrophe after the "S" implies that this log is the property of more than just one farmer? takes his smart-ass, slinks off into the background

I love Spam! Fried spam and eggs is absolutely delicious! But I shop at a hoity-toity Whole Foods, I think they have spam police there, just in case.

And I love words too. Do you subscribe to Merriam-Webster's word-a-day? If you don't, you should, they have some good ones. My personal favorite word of all time is wizened.

You're a funny guy, FB, one of my favorite logs, no pun intended!!!!! LOL.


KP - I don't know how long the break will be exactly. It depends how long we travel for and how long it takes to find a new place. Probably at least 4 months minimum.

Cav - LOL, I think Platz did 300 lbs for 50 reps in one go not spread over 5 sets.

UN42 - The KB idea is a good one, but space and weight will be at a minimun in our motorhome and I don't think the wife would be happy wasting some of it carrying around large lumps of metal! To be honest I'm the sort of person who if I can't do a 'proper' workout (well to me) with squats and deadlifts I would rather not bother.

MJ - We've not sold yet. We are "under offer". Can't relax until they've paid the deposit, at that point you know they can't pull out, or normally won't because they lose the deposit. Using gyms on the move might be a possibility if I can find any.

dday - You are spot on, it is a good and a bad thing. Not lifting will be really difficult for me and a hell of a sacrifice, but having the opportunity to travel around France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece etc, basically wherever we feel like going and visiting Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Rome and Venice to name a few, along the way is something only a fool would pass up and I feel very fortunate to have the chance. However, as soon as I'm settled I'll be straight back to it. It's in my blood.


Matty and Null - Thanks for "wetting the baby's head" Guys.

Punny - You are correct, should be after the "R". I shall ammend it forthwith.


True, Platz did 300 for 50 in one set, but breaking it into 5 sets still ain't chicken feed. By the way, on the off chance you haven't looked at your legs recently, they're getting awfully thick.

There was a M*A*S*H episode where a gourmet cook took over the mess tent and whipped up treats everyone loved. One was called "Spam Parmesan". I was curious, so I fried up some Spam slices, slapped on tomato sauce, and melted a slab of cheese on top. Wow!!


Brett - Just went through your first log and man YOU DO WORK! Your squats are redonkulous!! The vids are impressive and inspiring!! Great job, will be following the second log for sure =)


yay new log.

nice work good session.

I do enjoy a good bit of vocabulary variety.
the problem is being a Native New Yorker, its
hard not to mix up things like 'are you fucking obtuse?
when simpley smiling would be enough.

hmmm not train for a few months-
to travel in a caravan and see the continent.
I could be persuaded.

hmmm. Paris and Venice are fantastic.
I am partial to Sicily too.


hmm. maybe there are gyms all round europe. and maybe they offer day passes.

(not that i'm trying to force you to train on your big OE, but just incase you suffer from withdrawal angst i'm sure you can figure out something).

does sound like a wonderful travel experience.

moving to aussie was a big OE for me. This is what they think of us:





Are you going to have room for your bike?


Cav - So when you say the SPAM parmesan was "WOW", do you mean "WOW, that was delicious" or "WOW, that's the most disgusting thing I've ever cooked"?

mm74 - Thanks

Kev - It's a scarifice worth making I think. Hopefully it'll give my knees and shoulders a nice break too, so I can come back and hit it even harder.

alexus - Very funny, "100% there for the taking", I like it!

Bulldog - Ninth? Is that the best you could do?

Null - Definitely going to take bikes, we have a bike rack already fitted to the van. I'm really into my road bike right now, but I'll take the hybrid because the wider tyres are more suitable for towpaths and rougher tracks etc.


Due to the fact that I might only have 8 weeks left to train (I'm sure it'll be longer, houses in the UK never sell in 8 weeks, more like 3 months plus) I've decided to follow a peaking cycle and dedicate my last weeks to try and get a big new total.

I've chosen a 14 week Ed Coan cycle and am going to squat Monday, bench Wednesday and deadlift Friday. It starts with 2 weeks of 10 reps a set (which is convenient because that's what I've been doing recently) then 2 weeks of 8's, 4 weeks of 5's, 2 weeks of 3's and 2's and then 2 weeks of singles.

I'm using a deadlift max of 490 which I did a couple of weeks back and a squat max of 440 (a bit optimistic since I haven't squatted over 300 for a while, but the start weight for 2 sets is what I've been doing for 5 sets so should be do-able) and a bench of 300. This would give me a DL of 545, a squat of 489 and a bench of 343!!! Yeah right!!! I'd be very happy with 525, 475 and 325. We shall see. Assistance work will be what I feel like on the day. Lots of face pulls and shoulder and upper back work to balance the benching.

Here was today's


Deadlift @ 330 lbs x 10-10

Leg Curls @ 85 lbs x 8-8-8

GHR @ bw x 5-5-5

Face Pulls @ 55 lbs x 10-10-10

Went OK. A lot less work than I'm used to right now. Took about 45 minutes, my workouts recently have been pushing 90 minutes. I'm going to put everything into this, I'll even drop my cardio when necessary, I'll be doing plenty of that afterwards when I can't lift. With the low volume I should start to feel really fresh between sessions, I can't remember what that feels like!

Here's the calculator for anyone who's interested.



Your right. Ill do better next time I promise.


Wow delicious. Frying Spam puts some real flavor into it. Although I think Spam in the '50s was saltier than today's, so that would throw the recipe.

Your European tour sounds awesome!


Very interested to see how close to your goals you get, on paper that program sounds great.


Bulldog - Next log expect 8th or earlier!

CAV - Did you know that SPAM (special processed American meats) was flown into the UK by the Americans during the second world war and was responsible for keeping a lot of Brits alive during rationing?

dday - You are so right, it looks great "on paper", we shall see how it goes in reality. A lot of the pre-programmed weights I'm meant to do in a few weeks time look pretty daunting to me right now, but then they always do beforehand, but somehow by the time it comes around you manage to get them.