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Farmer's Carry Challenge, Bodyweight for Max Distance

My gym’s monthly competition is a max distance Trap-Bar Carry at bodyweight, no drops allowed. Love to see what the rest of the community can manage.

Record at the gym is 212m for an 82kg member. Chalk and belt allowed, using high handles


Hook grip master race

I never really liked or managed to hook grip properly the trap bar

@j4gga2 I’ll try this week

Totally agree, good luck man

Im tempted to try this. I’ve done some long distance stuff with straps and a couple drops, so like the cheater way :joy:

I’d also like to go on record and say I could beat 212 at body weight :joy: total guess but there it is.

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Might give this a shot this weekend, the trap bar at my gym has stupid aggressive knurling though and I’m a big baby.

Farthest I’ve gone is 150ft with 155lbs per hand, 200m+ is a long journey

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Same, my trap knurling is the worst


Mine is awful as well. @brute_fury helped me by recommending wrapping the cheese grater handles with athletic tape. It works!

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I need to do this…

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Put your money where it is and give it a go man!

To be fair it actually goes pretty fast

I’m just waiting on weather to give it a shot.

I might try it…seems like something I maybe could do decent at. What’s the distance around a city block - usually close to 400m, right? I think I could at least get 100m.

Chalk’s allowed, no straps though, correct?

Want to add some money?

For clarification, what kind of area was used at this gym for the record? I have a ~50ft turf runway so there’d be a lot of time spent turning. (Already preparing my excuses for a subpar attempt)


Nope I’m broke enough haha

empty parking lot with roughly 50m walking space before requiring a turn. The lot isn’t level either

I remember seeing a challenge for this a while back for doing a carry for your bodyweight for an equal number of meters, so I did that once. Had to do it in a place requiring a lot of turnarounds (which also means you have to go a bit slower), so I considered those bonus points. I am pretty sure I could go a bit 100 meters if I had a clear runway, but I think the gym might frown upon me walking out with their trap bar.

It would be fucking hilarious to do this on a treadmill.


hahaha PLEASE do it

do dumbbells count? I could use the 45s at my gym

DBs are harder, so doing that for bodyweight would be even more of a challenge.


Mine would be a farmers wade at the minute, so I’ll have to leave this a week or two, but sounds interesting. Bodyweight sounds pretty easy though, even for a fatty like me.