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Farmer Carriers for Women vs Men?


Won’t work with a trap bar. It doesn’t lend itself to topspeed due to the way the load is balanced.


Weight is approx.48 (48 cm/18 in waist and164 cm/ 5’ 4in)
Hight: (see weight calculations)
Age: 22
Type of weights: loose dumbell weights 1-2 kg (2.2- 4.4lb) 20 kilo (44 lb) for the entrie set.


Just have to do the best I can with what I have to work with. Santa didn’t bring me any handles this year like I ask for, maybe the Easter Bunny will come through.


48kg at 164 sounds really lean. Are you trying to add any mass?


Yes I want to add quite a bit of mass myself tbf. Sorry if I forgot to update you on that, I am still trying to stay awake, :sweat_smile: but I have never been a massive fan of sublements myself. I prefer natural ways of increasing testosterone levels with home grown food. Not too much testosterones but enough for me to gain some more bang while still lean.


Unless you have something like PCOS or are using AAS or TRT. Pretty sure too much testosterone won’t be a problem.


I completely forgot about this article. Thanks! I do have a small idea now but still stuck with time and distence for farmer carries or just reps and sets since that is what I am doing. But again. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi again people. Can I just do farmer carries withoit having to do any other resistance exercises? Cause I am doing everything in my arsenal and the carriers do help definitely but my triceps are taking wuite a bit to tone or not at all and I am not restricting them or anything its just how can I improve them futher to get the best results possible. I would love to get someone who has been down this parh before. I am just struggling a bit is all and the pull downs are not helping much at all for me even though they are #1 for building triceps. If anyone can give me any tips that would be awesome. Thanks guys.


Are we talking pull downs or push downs here?
And the answer is no. You can’t just do farmer carries amd expect your triceps to tone up.


Do you have access to a decent gym? Commercial or family owned?


Yes but check with the laws and statutes in your jurisdiction.

You may also want to consider your goals.


I do it at home (my place is a pretty large 2 story, so at least I have plenty of room for when its Winter and Summer) just carry dumbells


I don’t understand what you mean :sweat_smile:, but I am I am doing them only cause my goal is to get lean and toned without sublements and more of a everyday person who likes to workout for the carries for 10-25 mins 4 times a week since this is more distance and time rather then wets and reps and then after my exercises I then just chill and do my own things (puzzles, chores, etc). That is pretty much what it is. Its helping don’t gt me wrong, its helping my weak spots (blades, arms, core and back) and is working a treat I just need a bit more of a extra boost just to go that extra mile for me to get toned as much as possible. But thanks. :blush: