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Farmer Carriers for Women vs Men?


I have known for quite a long time that farmer carries is amazing for everything and I know males would have to do more days and sets as females due to their low testosterone levels but should females do less reps/sets then males? I have been doing for over 3 1/2 yrs now and I am not sure how many reps or sets I should do to get the maximum benefits. I am also a huge health nut and love carries but should I generally workout like a male since females are no stranger to workout like a male. I am just a bit lost and I workout with a max of 12 reps with a max of 5 rounds per set with 3-6 reps for my light days, 7-9 for moderate and 10-12 for heavy days. If anyone can give me a bit of a boost, that would be awesome. Just a bit stuck is all :sweat_smile:


Females can usually handle and recover from more volume than males.


Are you making progress towards your goals?


Are you a male or female? Sorry, just not quite sure from what you said.


She is a female and is asking if she should do less volume on farmer carries than a man would.
Women can handle more volume and recover a bit faster so I dont think she should be limiting herself.


Farmer’s carry prescription.

Week 1: 4-5 sets of 100’ with light weight (for a 200lb athlete, about 160-180lbs per hand)

Week 2: 2 sets of 100’, 2 sets of 50’ with moderate weight (200-225 per hand for 200lb athlete)

Week 3: 4 sets of 50’ with heavy weight (240 to 260lbs per hand for 200lb athlete)

Deload on week 4 or restart cycle depending on recovery.

Prescription is gender neutral. Focus on foot speed the whole time.


i’ll sign off on exactly what pwnisher said. The females strongman competitors I train with train in the same way for carries (and everything else for that matter) as the men.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about in your original post though, regarding sets and reps of carries. What does ‘12 reps’ mean with respect to farmers carries? Carries are measured in distance and time, not reps.


@T3hPwnisher for a 175, would you just reduce the weights by 20-25lbs/hand?


Never been/trained a 175lb athlete. Couldn’t say. Just gotta find what is light for you. Another approach would be to scope weights in comps and look at what is being used at level 1, level 2, and platinum shows.


Thanks man.


yea, you’re familiar enough with the concepts here that I think you can scale it just fine for yourself. You get the ‘whys’ involved in this type of programming.


Hi, sorry mate I should of explained it a little bit clearer. Since I am a casual just trying to get toned and lean as humanity possible (and I am not interested in bodybuilding comps whatsoever ) I just want to find a way that suits me the best in terms of getting to my goal. Again, apologizes for the inconsistency, I was in a rush and was very tierd then (this was during my rest day) after a busy day so I hope you can understand. If you want me to clear anything else up, just send me anothet buzz and get back to yall ASAP. Thanks again mate! :blush:


Thanks. Just as a heads up, since I don’t know imperial measurement/weights since I live in the land down under, I only know metric instead. Again not to be rude, its just I never studied imperial as such at all, :sweat_smile:. Cause I never herd of pounds and ounces before and don’t know the conversion rate of them is all. Thats all mate. Enjoy your day/afternoon/evening.


Google is helpful for those conversions. Simple tip is divide by 2.2.


Thanks mate. I apreciate it :slight_smile:


Sorry I meant to say 12 reps of X amount of rounds. Cause what I did was I had done is I did light days, moderate and heavy days, where light was 10 mins only, moderate was 15-20 and heavy was 25+ mins. But then I changed to reps and rounds instead cause I thought it would of worked out for me a bit better even though I have always known carries has always been distence and time but I have heard quie a few bodybuilder trainers say you can do reps and rounds if you want as another option, so that is why I have been bouncing around with this like a bloody hare chased by a fox so that is why I just want a second opinion from someone is all jist so I can achieve what I want to do. Lean and toned. If you have anything else mate, let me know. Thanks


Hey. Yes I am hun! I have been doing this for at least almost 3 and 1/2 yrs now and as I said before I am a massive health nut and I am now carriering 14 kg (witch is about according to Google is 30 Ib since I live in the land down under and only metric) I have been consuming the right amount of carbs and fats since I am a female. So, yea, thanks for asking :slight_smile:


Progress is the name of the game! What equipment are you using, handles, dumbbels etc… ?
Can you give us a little more info about yourself?

It may help answer your question.


I was trying to figure this out for a 120lb person with a trap bar.


Hi everyone. Just as a heads up (since I forgot to say it last time I posted it cause of my busy day and was quite tierd.) I just forgot to say at the end of the post that I just wanted a second opinion just so I am not jumping back and forth and just keep on track on my goal. That is all I wanted. Thanks again!