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Farmer Carriers and Natural Lifting

I’m am a female lifting about 14kg on each side and I have been eating right I haven’t been anything bad and avoiding as little refined sugar as possible, and I have been doing the carriers correctly (back straight, core tight, etc.) But the stupid leaks no matter how tight I do them are generally the upper back and main abs. If anyone can give any tips on helping me out with those 2 main leaks that would be great. My biceps are getting there slowly but I eventually found out that I just need to spread my arms out a bit just so they can get the toning they need. But if anyone has anything, please it would be absolutely helpful. Oh and I forgot to say that I do not take any subs, I only eat what nature chucks at me and this has been going on for now 5 or 6 yrs. I know it seems stupid but I am trying my absolute best and thank Christ I live in Australia in terms of exersice and food.