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Farm to Fridge


Found this by accident. I can see a couple of their points such as feeding us food from sick animals or animals that can't even walk but if they think I'm gonna try to survive on vegetables they are nuts. I mean I could careless if my sausage came from an insane pig or that when they kill the animals they didn't use any anesthesia. I mean do they think the predators are running around with a syringe and knocking these animals out before they kill them?

Only thing that I saw that I really really have a problem with is them cutting the balls off that bull without any kind of anesthesia, thats beyond inhumane and should be stopped. Plus if my wife saw it, it might give her ideas.

Anyways I'm hungry for a burger now.




I really wish they treated animals better in that industry, and would be willing to pay more for the product if they were treated more humanely as well.

I'm not about to stop eating meat though. Does bother me a bit, I try not to think about it.


There aren't many predators that, possessing reason and free will, choose to raise their prey in a constant state of malnutrition, physical pain, mental anguish, deprived of sunlight or room to move, just to keep the price down. That so many Americans have no qualms about factory farming says a great deal about how depraved our culture really is. And if the impact on animals doesn't scare you, the impact of factory farms on the environment and the people around them should. Read this Rolling Stone piece about the pork industry in America: http://tinyurl.com/vr8vn




I'm not going to deny it's bad but if it's the only way I get meat so be it. Last thing I'll ever do is turn vegetarian. I will say it's pretty bad that they let us eat meat from animals that can't even walk or diseased. Oh and that guy that castrated that bull needs to let some angry woman come after him and do what him what he did to it. That crap is just uncalled for.


a small part of me has always been curious about going vegetarian and it is videos like this that push me further into giving up meat(at least for a small time period). Unfortunately i have about 15lbs of meat in my freezer right now. can't let it go to waste. maybe if i had an empty fridge i would give it a shot.

That video was horrible.


I've been vegetarian since I was 10 or 11. It makes losing fat more challenging because more or less anything vegetarian you can eat has some carbs in it, but it's not like being vegetarian deprives you of quality protein. Off the top of my head: whey protein, eggs, cottage cheese, milk, cheese (or fat free cheese if you don't want the fat), etc. All high quality dairy and egg protein, and then you've got lower quality protein as from nuts, soy, etc.

To be honest I think I'd probably be getting most of my protein from shakes anywhere even if I wasn't veggie, simply because unflavoured whey protein is so cheap compared to meat.

Mind you, if I wasn't veggie and I had more spare cash to play with then I imagine I would use more varied sources of protein.

What I usually do for my protein when I'm at work is stick about 5 scoops of protein in the blender with a couple of tubs of cottage chees (400g total), three yoghurts and some water and have a yoghurt smoothie all day, and on top of the shake I have when I wake up, the one I have after training and then another hour after that and the tub of cottage cheese/yoghurt smoothie (can't stand cottage cheese by itself, the texture makes me heave) I have before bed as well as the trace amounts I get in my other food that's getting me well over 300g of protein a day, pretty near all of it high quality dairy protein.


should have listened, damn thats some sick shit. I mean I'm like most people I just don't like to think about it, but when you see something like that it definitly makes you want to get your pro from beans or something.


I hunt. Better quality meat and more humane, overall.

That said, remember that a lot of this anti-meat propaganda starts off with a scientific argument. "Vegetarianism is healthier than omnivorism because of x..." This is definitely NOT science, even if partially based in peer-reviewed research. It is in fact a political/moral argument couched in science to disguise the real message, that killing animals for food is as morally wrong as killing a person with no justification.

Always consider the source. The hard-core animal rights movement in this country is NOT about promoting humane farming, though some may imply that they are when they decry what goes on in a slaughterhouse. They are really about animal liberation, i.e. giving animals the same legal status as people, ending pet ownership (or "slavery" as they call it), ending any and all medical research performed on animals for human benefit, and a host of other things that most people are not aware of.

These groups obfuscate their real agenda using graphic images and videos that immediately grab one's attention and hold it.

I wish they were just up-front about what they really want, but then again very few would listen if they did that.

Demo Dick


Yeah, this is true, and that's coming from a fully fledged veggie. I don't really see how the vegetarianism is healthier argument has a leg to stand on. You could no doubt make an argument for the omission of red meats, but it's far easier to get an appropriate balance of macros with all food sources available to you as well as appropriate vitamins and minerals. Just because SOME meats are unhealthy doesn't mean you can make the argument that being veggie is healthier... a veggie could just as easily live on pizza and chocolate, so how is that healthier? You want to talk about health then you pick from the healthiest food sources available to you.

I think I would've been far less incline to become a veggie if animals were treated more humanely in the farming of meat. I've always been a bit of an emotional person, done stuff for charities, fall in love very quickly, get upset when other people are upset, etc. and cruelty to animals has always tugged on my heartstrings and evoked a very strong feeling of guilt from me which is why I went veggie in the first place.

I realise the planet's eco-system is quite complicated and animals and plants rely on each other for continued existence, but if everybody went veggie then there'd be no more need for animals and as a global society we would probably destroy their populations. Well, after the point at which some smart cookie figured out a way to continue to proliferate plant life without all the CO2 from animals and so on. Anyway, that's slightly off point, but my point is that I, and I think many vegetarians, realise that animals (and human beings are animals too) eat each other. I think the problem a lot of vegetarians have is the cruelty with which animals are treated in meat production. You look at a zebra in the wild and it lives its life as it was meant to... free, enjoying the sun, grazing, running about, etc. OK, having your jugular severed by a lion isn't a particularly pleasant way to go, but that's nature and it's had a good life. It certainly beats being a chicken that's had its beak and feet cut off and lives in a cage no bigger than a the equivalent of a fully grown man living in a short broom closet its entire life before being cruelly and painfully killed. Free range farming is a lot easier to come to terms with, but a lot of people including myself just see it as one large, cruel industry and won't be a part of that cruelty.

And don't even get me started on Muslims and halal meat. I'd be banned in a second for inciting religious hatred.


No question, cruelty to animals is not defensible...the question is what is "cruelty?" For some, pet ownership is cruel. For me, it is causing needless suffering, pain, or injury. Then we get into how to define "needless." It's a very, very complex argument.

Or starve to death as it ages and can no longer compete for food, or die of untreated and painful disease, or suffer an injury that gets infected and becomes systemic. A "natural" death ends up being pretty miserable for whatever animal we're talking about. By most peopl'es definitions, nature itself is cruel.

I would be interested to see if this is really happening, and if so, is it happening legally? I assume (and we know what that means) that the USDA and FDA would have some kind of prohibition on this. I wouldn't be okay with it, myself.

That's cool. I'm a "live and let live" type of guy. I'm just happy we have enough to eat so we can have a discussion over what we do eat. Many people in the world would love to be able to do that.

Don't know anything about it, but I do know how food animals are treated in most of the world. It would be horrifying to most Americans.

Demo Dick


I'm of the same mindset as you. Some people are cruel to their pets, sure, but my dog ate like a king, got walked for hours each day, got played with, was loved, had a comfortable home and comfortable places to sleep, he had a very happy life. Can't see the cruelty in that.

Well yeah, but these deaths are very few and far between. It only conceivably would happen with any degree of frequency to natural predators such as lions, and even then they're likely to be picked off by other lions or something. The disease thing is a fair point, but then it's impossible to monitor every animal in the world to ensure this doesn't happen. Even if they die this way, it's still fair to assume their life hasn't been subject to the same cruelty as many farmed animals.

It happens. You'll have to excuse me if I don't go hunting for video proof of it though given it would upset me quite a bit for quite a while. If you're interested though there is proof out there.

I'm very much live and let life until it comes to the point of other people's rights being violated. For instance, I have no problem with people's sexual orientations or whatever religious belief they want to hold or their race or anything like that, my problem comes when people take away the rights of other people by being cruel or abusive in some way.

They slit the animals' throat and hold it upside down while it bleeds to death. Savage bastards.

Still, not as bad as the Asian countries.


what the fuck.


So don't go vegetarian. Stick to free-range meat or buy from farmers who will tell you (or show you, if you're up for a visit) exactly what goes on at their farms. Buy pork products made in Europe. At restaurants, ask where the meat comes from and don't buy the bad stuff. One need not go vegan to avoid inhumane farming practices.


Free range is expensive, not a little bit more but a lot more than what you pay at the supermarket. The only place to get meat is either online, costco or supermarkets here in san diego. Who knows where there is a cattle farm in Southern CA but I guarantee it's not remotely close. Would be nice to buy half a cow and have it butchered but thats not possible everywhere.


I've seen alot of fucked up shit in my day. There are certain things that burn into your mind forever and that shit is one of them.


Buying from free-range farmers and the like helps more than going vegetarian. You vote with your dollars the more people buy from these kind of farms the larger they can become and the stronger their lobby becomes. Vote with your dollars support our free-range farmers the more of them there are the more competition and the lower the prices will go.


IMO, there's no way around this evil. You can go veggie but I could see myself loosing 40lbs in a heartbeat. I can't afford to eat organic chicken in the amounts I eat. I've stopped eating pork though. Another video further traumatized me. I mean, fuck, people have them as pets!

Even the way that milk is harvested is cruel. Everything that is done to put animal products on our tables is cruel. Animals in that enviornment can't fight back. They are mutilated, tortured, and finally processed sometimes alive. I would not loose eye minute of sleep off'ing all the people responsible. The same goes for the (inser racial slur for an Asian) harvesting fur for fruity ass rappers and self-righteous celebrities.

Let see if P.Diddy likes being skinned alive. Fuck throwing paint on their coats. Bullets work better. I guess I am a hardcore animal lover.


Look at all the inhumane ways they kill fish: