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Farm Raised Salmon Okay?

I know everyone says go with the wild, but I have always found the farm raised to taste a little better. Is the farm raised really that bad? A local grocery store around here has been promoting the fish in their controlled environment is mercury and toxin-free.

farm raised salmon would be higher in PCBs (do a google search).

Unless they specifically state PCB free I would be leary.

[quote]paulypaul wrote:
Is the farm raised really that bad? [/quote]

Its still a high-quality protein source.

Its the fatty acid profile/omega3 ratios that gets screwed up in the farmed setting (applies to land-based animals too)

No idea on the heavy metals, contaminants to which JFit rightly referred. On the one hand, they’re likely exposed to much less of all that while cooped up, but then again, who’s to say that farmed environment that they’re stuck in is any better (its generally assumed to be worse)…

i’m not a fan. tastes nowhere near as good as some wild alaskan or pacific salmon. Also most salmon farms use cataxanthin to dye the salmon orange because in captivity they are fed a low-nutriton value diet of corn and grains and fail to develop that vibrant color from natural astaxanthin. Then there is the concern about PCB’s , GMO grains they are fed, and general cleanliness of the fish. Farmed raise have a much higher incident of sea lice and parasites.

Farm raised salmon is similar to factory farmed beef. The fat profile is messed up, it’s far from optimal, it’s probably loaded with antibiotics, but it’s still protein. Don’t expect much in the way of omega-3s from anything raised in a factory environment.