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Farina Vs. Oatmeal?

I hate oatmeal…how does farina stack up to the nutritional benefit that oatmeal gives?

Have you tried eating rolled oats with cold milk? I didnt know what farina was, but I looked it up on Nutritiondata.com and it looks like it doesnt stack up anywhere near oats.

Yep. Old-fashioned, rolled oats, Carb Countdown Chocolate, and granulated Splenda. Good stuff.

Old-fashioned oats still have a lot of fiber, which slows absorption and evens out the impact of the carbs.

But “farina” is a less certain term. It’s more of a flour or a meal. It can mean “cream of wheat,” with an unremarkabe 0.4 grams of fiber (oats have ten times more). Or “farina” might mean some obscure organic, stone-ground product with a less embarrassing 2 grams of fiber.

Either way, farina finds itslf between the minimally processed rolled aots on the left, and moves to the other side of the spectrum, to flours and meals and “cream of wheat.”

oatmeal it is thanks guys!