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Farewell Super-Man



He lived his life as most of us aspire to, never giving up, and fighting always to rise to challenges others simply ignored.

Superman issue #75 I beleived ended with the following line, “…for this is the day that a Superman died”.

RIP Christopher, your life was definitely an inspiration.


A sad day when a man of Christopher Reeves stature dies.

The movies made him Superman but his actions after his accident proved to us all he was a Superman.


  • Mark

Just a thought of how lucky we are to be able to participate in keeping ourselves strong and healthy through training.
Christopher Reeve has been, and still is, an inspiration.
God Bless Superman.

He struggled mightily and never gave up the dream of walking again. He was a brave guy, this is a sad day.

No. I had really been looking forward to the day that they would be able to reconnect or regenerate his spinal tissue.

Sometimes the truth of scientific capabilities and progress is a let down…

The man regained sensation in his limbs… A feat not often duplicated. He never gave up, even to the end. Admirable, a good example. I hope that his legacy will live on, and a “cure” will be found, even though he’s not here to drive it.

Long live Superman.

Very well said guys. He was definitely one of the greatest. May he Rest in Peace.

This picture was taken from another forum.

Got this awesome pic off the Drudge Report.

This is probably going to sound insensitive but what made him such a hero? (not directing it to previous posts, but to the media) He went through a lot yes, but he also had a great life before this happened and was still able to live relatively comfortably without having to see his family fall apart because of his disability. If someone in his same situation had his money and was hearing about all this exciting new research they would be hopeful too. I’m not trying to put him down, he seemed like a rather good man but I think the saintly portrayal is a bit much. He fought for awareness of his disability and I’m not sure of his intentions but it directly benefited him.

Wow, squeak. Uh… I honestly don’t know what to say. This thread was kinda a tribute to Christopher Reeves, and you, well, for lack of a better word – shit on it.

I’ll go ahead and say it: yes, you sounded insensitive. I got this feeling that you think that his having money or fame somehow made it easier on him. First of all, that money and success was not handed to him on a silver platter. He earned that by his own right. Then, when he had his accident, it put him in the spotlight in a way that very few will ever understand. Imagine having an entire nation marvelling at the fact that you might be able to wiggle a finger a little bit. He was an unflinching symbol of the power of hope; even as he lay physically paralyzed, he remained strong, not only for himself, but for every victim of paraplegia, hemiplegia, and quadriplegia. And yes, that makes him special. Yes, that makes him a man of greatness. He understood what sacrifices his fame demanded of him, and he rose to the occasion with class and dedication. Put some other famous and successful people in that same situation, and I dare say that they would not be Reeves’ equal. The world truly is a poorer place now for having lost another hero.

What you misunderstood is that I do greatly admire him. He was an amazing man with quite the will but I still can’t call him a hero. Maybe I just have a different sense of the word. And fine, I’ll admit it is insensitive but I’m not going to build him up now when I wouldn’t have before.

So in summation. He went through a hell of a lot and kept not only his sanity but his hope, which I find amazing. Simply surviving doesn’t make one a hero in my eyes and you’re welcome to disagree.

I do disagree, Squeak. He wasn’t simply surviving. He was getting out there and doing something about it, and not just for himself. Face it: he WAS the quintessential poster boy for hope of recovery from paralysis. How many people can say that? Through his activism, he brought an obscure and misunderstood science (stem cell research) to the forefront of our minds, and made us talk about it, at least, in a way that didn’t just revolve around some pro-life politician screaming “baby-killers”! How many people can say that? And lastly, I’d like to point out that going from a healthy, famous, and successful actor, sports enthusiast, et al., and then suddenly having your shining happy world ripped from you in the blink of an eye is some serious shit. He went from riding world-class in horse jumping events to not being able to breathe on his own. Try it sometime, and tell me it’s not friggin’ heroic to deal with THAT on top of everything else. This is formidable man we are talking about here. The fact that you can’t see this is a shame. But I don’t think you are trying to be a dick, or anything, honest. It’s just… sad, I guess, to me that you can’t see what the rest of us do. That’s all I’m trying to say.

Squeak I’m curious to know what your definition of a hero is.

Ask some one in a wheelchair if they think Reeve was a hero. I have (well before he died). And Reeve’s drive and hope was a shining light to them. That he could make progress like that against everything the “in the know” people told him, and that he pursued further research, gave hope to those who would otherwise have lost it. And when you lose hope, you’ve lost it all…

Again I say, long live Superman.

My definition would be someone who runs into a burning building to save someone. Not someone who gets out of a burning building with someone chained to his leg. Of course the latter is still amazing but it just doesnt qualify in my book. I may have been a little off base with my first response; I guess hearing someone recommend him for canonization threw me off.

Squeak so would you consider Lance Armstrong a hero? I do… And I feel that christopher reeves is a hero. Him and others like the Reagan’s are fight and supporting stem cell research. He’s give hope to the hopless. Thats the definition of a hero. Giving Hope to the Hopless. Making them believe that one day they will be able to accomplish what they were sent out to do.

He was the real superman

BTW, sqawk or whatever, that was realy lame.

He had big balls and an iron will and I salute him.