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I was thumbing through the awfully informative "FLEX" mag. the other day and saw the same one page add four times for a product called Farenheit. The ad looked alot like something Biotest might put out (red and black) and it used a lot of the terminology that Biotest uses (I believe it mentioned nano-dispersion tech, and other things)...anyone know anything about it?
I would not be surprised if it was a company trying to copy Biotest...maybe a Hot Rox knock off?


Bump. No FLEX readers?! lol...


TC mentioned Farenheit in reader mail 306.
Which issue and which pages did you see the ad?


The current issues on newsstands -- Jay Cutler is on the cover. The ads were in the middle of the mag -- I think there were four of the same ad, total.


What is the product advertised to do?


Why are you reading FLEX anyway???


Its the new Biotest Hot-Rox boys A7-E is patented by BIOTEST I believe.


Is Farenheit the old name for Red Bands?