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Farcry Walkthrough


Anybody know of one for PC or some cheats that actually work and don't involve you hacking the config of the game ?

Tired of getting wasted by the Merc's need some better guns.


Yea, its called google...


Console Codes

Press ~ (or ` in the UK ) to access the console, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

give_all_weapons=1 All Weapons
give_all_ammo=1 Ammunition
\ca_Debug=1 Debug mode
\ai_noupdate=1 Dumb enemies
god_mode_count=1 God Mode
\load_game Load quick save
\save_game Quick save game


Man that games awesome. What level you stuck on? The mercs aren't that hard, it only gets real hard towards the end with the giant mutant things with rocket launcher arms, those guys are tough. This might be of help:


They don't work that's the prob.


I'm stuck on the bit where you have to go up to that fort place with the big guns and keep getting shot. Maybe that's vague, I'll look at that link, thanks.


Transform, run up the hill to the left, dodge right and left behind trees, then hide on the left side of the far left pillbox, they wont be able to hit you.



Do this:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A


FFS if you entered the title of your thread into google, you'd have what you were looking for within the first 5 hits.


Yeah but then no-one would have been able to give me a bollocking for asking on here instead.


If you cannot get your console working then simply change your keyboard language into US English.. should do the trick.




If you can't get the console down, try holding shift and pressing the button. That has worked for me in some games. Generally its the button thats to the left of one. on my keyboard it says:


like that.


Lol! Sorry bro. But that was my exact mental process when I read your thread. Would've been faster for ya too.