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Fantasy Sports

Unfortunately I am not speaking of Anna Kournikova playing tennis in lingerie. I was wondering who here plays them and how everyone is doing in them. I saw from previous posts that Eric Cressey plays (and apparently quite well, too), so I was wondering about the others here. He’s also started fantasy groups before, which I think would be a good idea. I generally play against/with guys from work, but I also participate in games by myself for the hell of it.

Cressey and I started a fantasy basketball league this year that a bunch of T-Mag guys are participating in.

When a new season rolls around, just set a league up and post the relevant info on the forum and you'll likely fill the thing up with T-Mag guys.

We’ve also got a good one going for football through Sandbox (which, incidentally, I’m winning as well). I’m also in four other football and one other basketball just because I’m a pathetic lifelong jock:) There won’t be any seasons starting up in the next month or two, but we’ll definitely keep these things going in the future.

By the way, Jason, how far ahead of the Scott Pollard Fan Club are the Angry Midgets now?

Eric - Enjoy your temporary reign on top. I was up by like 11 points for a while, so your little 6 point lead is not all that impressive.

I am a fantasy mastermind! My last 3 years in Sandbox leagues with all friends (not one of the dead leagues) has given me: 3 baseball titles in a row, 1 basketball title (we only played 1 because we didn’t like it), 1 football title, and 2-2nd place finishes in football. I like baseball and football. Basketball is normally not that fun…when we played, whoever had Shaq was guarenteed to win…I guess it would be different this year.