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Fantasy MLB 2012

I made a fantasy league on yahoo. It’s me and one of my friends right now, it can go up to 12.

If you want to joint my league send me your e-mail and I will add you. I don’t expect anyone to obsess with it, thought that’s fine. I would ask that you keep up with your team. If you aren’t interested in it enough to keep your team competitive, you might want to sit this out.

Discuss fantasy MLB and go Reds.

Is this a money league? I have a site that everyone sends there money too and it holds it for the season so that everyones paid and the moneys safe. Seriously, not trying to take your money haha. www.leaguesafe.com. Fantasy baseball is a long season, im really only interested if money is on the table. Let me know.

No money, just for fun.

When do you have to know by?

Opening day is the 6th of April. I would like to have everything ready to go by the the end of this month.

I only need four teams for the league to work, but I will take up to 12.

I have two now including myself. So you have around a month and there is still 10 spots open.

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