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Fantasy Keeper League

I am having trouble picking 5 guys to keep from my 2006 championship team. The biggest question is Eli Manning. Keep or cut? I also have 4 solid WRs that I’m going to hate to see go.

Drew Brees
Eli Manning
Steven Jackson
Rudi Johnson
Brandon Jacobs
Javon Walker
Marques Colston
Terrell Owens
Donald Driver
Alge Crumpler

I’m not keeping a kicker or defense

I am definitely keeping the following:


Who should be the final two?

Keep Manning. I am not sure why you would consider keeping Brees over Manning.

Fuck me. Dump ELI Manning. I thought it was Peyton!!!

I’m a longtime NY Giants fan and speaking as a fan, I say keep Eli. I personally think he’s going to have a good season. He has plenty of weapons in the passing game. He’s struggled with accuracy but if he can make the jump from 57% to 60-65% then he’s going to have a huge year.

But for fantasy if you have to choose between Manning or Brees, I’d probably go with Brees. He didn’t look too great last night but I don’t see that being a trend. NO has so many weapons that it’s hard to not see Brees racking up big points consistently.

For the final 2 I would go Owens and Walker. Driver and Colston are not that far behind though. Definitely drop Eli. You might be able to get one of your receivers back in the new draft anyway.