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Fantasy Help


Need to play two wideouts. I have Brandon Lloyd, Mike Wallace, and Kenny Britt.

Pick my starters. Quickly.


Mike Wallace for sure, the other two are a toss up. If Orton was the QB i would say for sure Lloyd, but he is not.


There's a whole thread for this. Commmmmmmmmme on man.


This thread is not what I thought it would be about :expressionless:


Have you grown that extra 6-8 inches I've requested?

waits on fantasy


Let's get it there then


lol...fucking tebows gonna kill lloyd...wallace and Britt


dont lie Deb, you knew it was about fantasy football...dont worry its not your fault....its not your fault....its not your fault :slight_smile:


Forget these juicebags, Irish. Play Mike Wallace. Kenny can't shine when Randy Moss is there. Lloyd sucks.


GO to your room and wait for your fantasy!


Please tell me you started Wallace. I had him on my fantasy team and the 2nd half of the season he has been good.


hes gotta start two


I swear...lady takes one picture with her thumb in her mouth and she acts like a Runway model.

Take the negativity elsewhere please.

To Irish: Play Wallace!


this thread can be about whatever you'd like it to be.


I know there was a thread for this, but when I care about such mores of the internet I'll let you know (never).

And, I did play Wallace. He kicked massive ass. So now I need to know, do I start Britt on Sunday or Lloyd?

I'm leaning heavy towards Britt because Tim Tebow made that anti-abortion commercial and I'm a democrat.

someone tell me I'm wrong.