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Fantasy Football

My fantasy football draft is tonight. I need some suggestions on picks. My keepers from last season are Daunte Culpepper, Edgerrin James, and Marvin Harrison. It is a live draft so it should be a lot of fun.

The way Spurriers offense looked against the 9’ers makes it look like Jacquez Green would be a good late round pickup. Another WR would be Jabar Gaffney. He’s a rook and hasn’t proven anything yet, but Houston is counting on him, and he should be a major target for Carr.

ed mccaffery and brian urlacher would be my top 2 picks. even though i think they are absolute pussys, i would draft one of the grammatica’s as my kicker. and a fullback? mike “your in good hands with” alstott. he’s a must have.

This isn’t exactly a sleeper pick, but I would take Mcnabb. He followed a rigorous conditioning program in the off-season and should be huge. If you already have Culpepper though this is probably a moot point. Thomas Jones may have a breakout year, and I really like Laveranues Coles. You can wait a few rounds to get him as well as Lamont Jordan. If something happens to Martin this guy will have a huge year a la Shaun Alexander last year after Watters went down.

I think Ricky Williams is going to have a breakout year, especially since the Dolphins have been praying for a good running back for years. Don’t forget Booker and Terrell from Chicago or Mike McMahon from Detroit. Antowain Smith is a reliable back, too. McCaffrey is coming back from an injury, but he’s always been reliable as well. I also think David Boston is up for another great year. Troy Brown, too. I’m sure that I’ll think of a bunch more the second I post this, but good luck.

I admit it. I don’t have any idea of what fantasy sports are or how they work. Can someone give me a simple rundown?

It’s Monty again…not sure how we could organize this, but what are everyone’s thoughts on getting a league for forum members…that would be too much fun! Anyone interested?

You’re in luck; I’m a fantasy sports guru. In fact, I’m #31 out of over 85,000 people competing in espn.com’s Baseball Challenge. I also finished in the top five in NBA.com’s Virtual GM in 2001. Basically, fantasy sports are games where you draft or are randomly assigned professional athletes from a particular sport. You have a roster size limit and must have a certain number of players at each position. Depending on your players’ performance, you accumulate points based on certain statistical categories. Usually, there are “head to head” leagues and “rotisserie” leagues. In a head to head league, you compete against a new them in your group each week and get a win/loss/tie. In a rotisserie league, everyone is pooled together and ranked on each of the statistical categories. For instance, in a baseball league, first place in stolen bases would get 10 points, second place 9 points, etc. Whoever accumulated the most when all the categories are combined would win/be in first. Also, there are “salary cap challenge” versions of fantasy sports with which you are allowed a certain amount of cash to spend each day for players in that day’s games. Each player is assigned a value, and you have to fill all positions. With Baseball Challenge, I pick C,1B,2B,SS,3B,LF,CF,RF,DH, and a pitching staff each day. If they suck, I suck. If they do well, I look good. All in all, it makes games that would otherwise be uninteresting fun to watch. Kind of like gambling, I guess…Anyway, there are both free and pay league available. ESPN Fantasy Games is good, as are CBSSportsline.com and CNNSI.com. BTW, scroll down to #31 and check me out at: http://games.espn.go.com/bbc/leaderboard

Good idea with a league. If we have enough interest, we can just set up a private league at CBS or Sandbox or even NFL.com. Anyone interested? We’d probably have to get on the ball to do this.

Lets have it in sandbox. if we can get eight people to say ok i will go organize a private league and we can all get in it. Goldberg

Sandbox is way more user friendly than sportsline. we used sportsline for basketball and it sucked ass.

I’m in when basketball season rolls around if anybody is interested. I also have had very good experience with Sandbox and nba.com but have not used any others.

Count me in then…I’m in a rush right now but I’ll check back later tonight.

I’ll play if Goldberg gets it up and running.

Ill go set up an eight player league. let me know if yall want a live draft or automatic draft. and if you want head to head scoring or total points scoring.

I’m in, just in case that wasn’t obvious.

My vote is for points-based and a live draft.

I’m game.

I am in.

I am so in this, it ain’t funny. Football. Dammit - football is almost here!