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Fantasy Football


As an avid sports fan, I am also into fantasy sports and wanted to see who in the community also played.

Fantasy Football is starting to rev up, who here plays? What sites do you use? Anybody up for a money league?

I run a couple prize leagues on ESPN, but would love to get something going with members from T-Nation.


Signed up for 3 already. Buy in 50, 85, and 150$.

Far less than the 15K I gambled on the actual games last year. That shit had to stop.


I play, Irish does also. I am actually dropping a league though do to monetary considerations. My one good league runs $200 and is 14 teams. We also have a very active owners base, we have 2 pre draft meetings in july and aug to propose rules changes and discuss any other topics like draft format etc... out of the 14 owners 13 show up to every meeting and 1 calls in on speaker phone. Nobody misses the meetings. If you somehow can't make the draft you would be kicked out of the league (nobody ever has) unless someone died or something, but if you die your pretty much out anyways.



I play one league which is a buy in every year. I might play a second league sometimes. Anything more than that and you will be rooting for some players in one of your league and rooting against the same players in another league. It gets too confusing.


Let's get a T-Nation league started up on one of the money sites. Playing for a prize is the only way to go.

Whose in? Site suggestions?


i have played the last 3 years in a money leage. 12 teams, 50$ buy in. I would definitely be willing to join a T-Nation one if the price was reasonable and i agreed with the rules and what not.

/edit I was actually thinking about making a thread just like this a couple weeks ago, but now i don't have to deal with the organization...booyah!


I play every year. At least 1 money league then maybe a fun league or two. I would 100% be down for a tnation league. Count me in and let me know.


Our college crew has ran the same 14-team league since 1996. Needless to say, we take that league way too seriously.

Yahoo has always done us well. (heck we even used to pay for their premium league, though that was in a different economy)


I'd be in for a reasonably priced league.


I'd be in, played the last few years on nfl.com in the public leagues as I live in Ireland and none of my friends follow the NFL. It would be awesome to play in a league where people actually turned up to the draft and were active throughout the season.


I'm in


I'd be willing to setup a prize league on ESPN, unless people have an overwhelming desire to play on another site? I think it is around $20 per team. I haven't used Yahoo, if their prize system is better let me know.

Let's get a consensus on what site we want to use. Those interested PM me your email addresses.


PM sent



I'm always in for another league.


Site suggestions? I always use ESPN, but I know that the prize leagues don't give out cash prizes, they give out shirts and everything. Are there any other good sites or ones that allow you to utilize Paypal to crate a pot or anything like that?

I want it to be for money or a prize, because otherwise people don't stay competitive.


I've played straight up picks for many years but never made the jump to fantasy. If it's kept cheap I'll give it a go. I know I'm going to get fleeced by you pro's though.

Having said that, last year a friend of mine was asking me for advice and showed me a list of guys still availiable so I told him to pick up Miles Austin. As the season progressed he thought I was a fucking genius lol. Got a case of beer out of it! Sometimes you get lucky.

Can anyone here recommened a tutorial on how this fantasy shit works. Nothing too deep but enough that I don't fuck things up for you guys and slow things up.

My biggest problem will be my unabashed bias towards the Steelers lol. Thats why I don't play full sheduale's, just pro-line. I pick Pittsburgh every week no matter who they're playing which is fuckin' stoopid.

Sending PM.


Start here:



I have never heard of any site that uses paypal to create a pot, that would be a very good idea though. As far as what site to use, i am most familiar with ESPN and yahoo. I prefer ESPN though.


ESPN is $30 per team, but the prize is not cash, it is a copy of Madden or a T-shirt or something. That seems a little steep to me, especially with not pot. Anybody know any better sites?


i have played through realtime fantasy football before. Pretty nice and easy to use set-up.


12 team league. 30$ buy in and winner gets 250$. But, that means the site is making 110$ off us which i do not find appealing.

I would prefer to set up and join a free league and all the teams send a check for like 20$ to the league commish and we can vote on a payout

such as 20$ x 12 teams = 240$

1st place = 150$
2nd place = 70$
3rd place = 20$