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Fantasy Football Teams


Ok, so now that football season approaches a new fantasy season also approaches. I was thinking since we have so many athletes on here I'm sure a large majority of people have fantasy teams. Lets here people's thoughts and perspectives on the upcoming season and players.

I personally had my draft last night and did pretty decent, except in the Wide Receiver department..
Here's my team:

1. Steven Jackson
2. Maurice Jones Drew
3. Deshaun Foster

1. Tom Brady
2. Ben Roethlisberger

1. Chris Chambers
2. Randle El
3. Braylon Edwards
4. Jerricho Cotchery
5. Joey Galloway

1. Todd Heap
2. Algae Crumpler

1. Vinatieri
2. Shayne Graham

1. Carolina
2. New Orleans


Here's my team: Yahoo 10 team league, 15 man roster

1. Steven Jackson -STL
2. Brandon Jacobs -NYG
BN: Jerious Norwood -ATL
BN: Fred Taylor -JAX

1. Marc Bulger -STL
BN: Tony Romo -DAL

1. Torry Holt -STL
2. Marvin Harrison -IND
3. Calvin Johnson -DET
BN: Isaac Bruce -STL
BN: Drew Bennett -STL

1. Randy McMichael -STL
BN: Zach Miller -OAK

1. Jeff Wilkins -STL

1. Baltimore


Wow, why so many WR's from St Louis?

1. Phillip Rivers
2. Eli Manning

1. Frank Gore
2. Willie Parker
3. Mike Bell
4. Reuben Droughns

1. Plaxico Burress
2. Terry Glenn
3. Santonio Holmes
4. Darrell Jackson

1. Alge Crumpler
2. Heath Miller

1. Nate Kaeding
2. Ryan Longwell

1. Baltimore
2. Arizona


I'm happy with my selections, considering I was 6/10.


Damn Merlin, you have some good WRs...I wish I could of had that lineup..Ill tell you what, if everyone you have in your lineup plays as well as they normally do and up to par, you are gonna have one stacked team and be extremely tough to beat


Im guessing you had a middle to lower draft pick seeing that you have solid players, but no super top notch RB's, but your team still looks solid...I would say you should be a couple games above 500, possibly pull off a playoff spot


Ya, you have a very solid team especially considering you have only 13 players. You should probly have a pretty solid season, most definately a good playoff run too