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Fantasy Football Team Name


Im the reigning champ in my work league, having trouble thinking of a clever but not overused team name.

Two years ago i came in second as ItsMyVickInaBox and last year I won under a dopey play on words with my last name. Need something good. So far all I got is TheButtFumbler which i am not in love with.


My brothers GF and her (female) friends all had their own league, which I'm pretty sure they just handed over their rosters to each of their boyfriends, but one girls' name was "errmaagaaddfurbaarrr."

Made me laugh.


How about Team RAPEAXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Or, PIIHB. Or better yet, PIIMB. Or even better than that, IGTPIIAOYB (I'm going to put it in all of your butts).

Or how about "ATM, mmmmmmmmmmmmm"?


Backfield Violators going into my 8 or 9th season


Currently my team is the Cunning Stunts


TouchdownLow. I don't do Fantasy anymore but that is the name of a flag football team I'm on.


Light bulb....... My old flag football team was He Hate Me. Might use that just to see who actually gets it without having to google.


XFL much?


Ha XFL throwback. I actually enjoyed the XFL more than I like Arena. But I am not a huge fan of either.


You complete me.

Our league is pretty funny though, every year we have like one newbie who joins. I almost got someone to draft Rod Tidwell one year and I swear that Tim Tebow went in the first round last year.


If they would have put the XFL on a Cable channel at night those cheerleader scenes in the locker room would have been worth the price of admission.


My team name is European Steamboat.


How about "Slap the Skin"? The comes from a quarterback that pats the ball (pigskin) too much.


Dixie Wrecked . last 3 seasons running


I still need to post a pic of the last place trophy I received last year. Just think of a trophy you may have gotten as a kid with a giant 14in floppy purple dildo glued to it. I actually didn't get last place but I was so shit-faced at the end of the game that everyone said I deserved it. It's an honor.

I started as Ocho'sWife'sFace and then transitioned to Ray'sTricep last year. I pretty much just choose current NFL events and add my spin. Didn't go so well in that league.

The one my girl does has boring names but I crush in those so maybe I should attempt that this year...