Fantasy Football League

I was wondering if T-Nation would be interested in a fantasy football league?

What do we say? It can be free or paid, haven’t decided yet

We are 4 games into the season though.

Are you thinking of English “football” (or, ya know, soccer) or American Football?

NFL has only finished up the preseason … regular season kicks off this weekend

Oops…I was!

Ah, I may try and stream a game then if I’m about.

To answer the OP’s question, yeah I’m game. I’ll name my team “The Legs” because I’ll be propping up the bottom of the table.


If this is still a plan I’m game.

I’d actually be down for this. I’m usually in 2 leagues - one for $ and one for fun, and now my fun league disbanded this year, I’m only in a $100 buy-in league and all I have is stress to look forward to. Would be nice to have a league with a couple random people. Would also suggest we just make it free. There are too many disputes to be had and too few ways to settle problems online.

I’m down and free would be my personal preference too.

So are we doing this?

How do we go about setting it up? I’ve not done one before.

It’s probably to late. The first game is tonight.

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And we need MINIMUM 8, even though anything below 10 people is kinda wack.