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Fantasy Football II


and so it continues.

WC youre raping me and it hurts, stafford did do work, ive got him in my other league.


Kinda like my avi :slight_smile:


Words to live by.


Cam and Steve hooking up.


Cam looks great today, taking into account that he's a rookie who was hurt by the lock out.


haha my team is getting raped by kenny britt alone.. knew i should have went with my gut and

took AP with the first pick, foster's hammy is probably going to give him fits all season long


Yea Foster over Peterson = Nightmare


^ yeah and i'm living it haha, luckily this is the only league i have him in. i do have nate kaeding in 2

other leagues so yeah pure awesomeness.


Dude, I was feeling good after Thursday.

Then, one fucking point from Bowe, 0 from the stupid kicker and now I'm only up by 4.

Come on Hightower


Big Ben, 3 interceptions and 2 lost fumbles. Nice work.

Suggs had 3 sacks as well.


You got 3 playing tomorrow as well, and your playing against Sanchez who counts for like negative points. You'll be fine.


^ haha inb4 the sanchez nuthuggers come in for the rescue


WC I dont know if you have control of this, but the Giants D which I started this week shows 21 points against so far, yet it should only be 14, since 1 of the scores was an INT...I dont know if you can change it, if not so be it.

LMK, I'm gonna finish sucking off Sanchez...so he doesn't give negative points tonite.


Matty should have started Tolbert. 3 tds


Took him out last minute, for a while I thought it was the right move, oh well still have a shot.


And now he is hurt.

I dont see me winning this week Matty autopicks suck.


your crazy bro, you still have Holmes left, yes I have bush and ford, and my kicker but im down 21.


I sat Steve SMith for Car so that is a push with you not starting Tolbert.

Cam Newton first rookie QB to throw for over 400 yards in first game.


dont even talk to me about nate kaeding he was supposed to carry my team to the championship!!!!!


Matty who would have thought Kerry Collins would end up with more Points that Matt Ryan?