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Fantasy Football HELP!!!


I thought since everyone around me was doing it, I would too, cause I like to be in the cool crowd. The only problem is I don't know what the fuck I am doing. I registered in NFL.com Now what? Oh, I ranked all of my QB's runningbacks, WR, TEs. IS that it? I'm sooooo lost!! SOMEone please help my candy ass


You're supposed to draft your team BEFORE the season starts. What exactly do you need help with?


Haha, perhaps you should have researched what fantasy football was all about before you joined. I sure wish there were guys like you in my league.


Oh... well I signed up yesterday. So I'm guessing it's too late to even have a team?


This is one of the dumbest threads I have ever seen.


my team is off to a beautiful 3-0 start



I'm 3-0 in my league. ;]

McNabb needs to stop being injured. Trent Edwards is my back up he did good first 2 weeks but gave me like 5 points today. :confused: and WTF I got Steeler DST and everyone is getting more points then me. :confused:

And i'm trying to trade Portis for Turner, good or not? Both haven't been doing shit...


because i am bored, here is my team:

12 team league

QB- Kurt Warner, Kyle Orton
RB- Steve Slaton, Pierre Thomas, Fred Jackson, Leon Washington, Caddilac Williams, Ladell Betts(just picked him up hoping portis goes down)
WR- Randy Moss, Lee Evans, Devin Hester, Mike Sims-walker, Laurent Robinson
TE- Dallas Clark
Defense/ST- Vikings
Kicker- I get a new kicker every week depending on match-ups, I am picking up John carney for next weekend

i got really lucky this week. I probably should have lost.