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Fantasy Football Draft this Weekend.... Brooklyn


So my keeper league is having their draft this weekend in Brooklyn, and originally I was going to drive down to join the people doing it in person. Some people will be connecting via online webcast, but we're all friends so as many of us as possible try to get together in person. Plus the entry fee is extremely high so I'd rather not chance a blackout on my end or there's and end up getting F'd in the A. I also won last year and have to get my trophy and championship jacket.

But given the fact that NYC is about to get curbstomped by a hurricane I'm thinking I may not go and just connect via Boston. Can anyone in the NYC/NJ area tell me how shitty it's expected to get down there? I'd be leaving NYC and driving back to Boston about 3-4PM on Sunday.


Its not happening all mass transit and bridges are closed....wind gusts expected to reach 80mph at times. I have one my big money leagues on Sunday (keeper leagues as well) and we had to do it online last night as some of us are being evacuated on Saturday no later than 5pm. If you do it on CBS the online draft with keepers is pretty smooth.

But again the city will be shut down as of 5pm today, mass transit, bridges and tunnels, it sucks but dont venture here, youll just wind up missing the whole draft.


SHit, thanks man! Looks like it's online for me.


There's already a whole fantasy football thread. Come on man.