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Fantasy Basketball

To anyone who is interested: Jason and I have set up a fantasy basketball league through Yahoo sports. We’ll be having a live draft on Friday (or you can pre-rank players if you can’t be there at the designated time). You can register by going to Yahoo, clicking on Sports, then Fantasy, and signing up for Fantasy Basketball. The League ID# is 97922, the name is Testosterone, and “forum” is the password. Let’s fill this league up!


Come on guys, Eric and I can’t be the only basketball fans on the forum. Let’s fill this thing up!

Alright, guys I don;t know much about basketball, but I am in. I am goin to pick all raptors.
:slight_smile: Groove

I just signed in, but I can’t participate in the live draft. I’ll prerank players today.

If this is a problem, let me know.

Yo Eric and Jason… I signed up.

let the bball begin!

Signed up… I gotta leave at 8, so I might not be there for the live draft.

We have six right now. I just recruited a few buddies, too; feel free to do the same. Good luck, everyone.

Get them while you can!

-Jason Norcross