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Fantasy Baseball 2008

I haven’t seen any other threads for this year…so who wants to play?

id play

I would consider it!

At least 10 or forget it. The regular season begins soon, so respond here by Friday and we’ll shoot for a Sunday draft. Same settings as last season (rotisserie).

I’d play without a doubt. Sunday is Easter…I’d still draft on Easter but some might not…

I’m in.

I’ll go ahead and set up a league and hope at least 5 more people want in.

We’ll just do an auto-draft and set it for Sunday.

im game. whats another league to add to the three im in already.

Anyone else that’s interested please PM me for league info.

EDIT: nevermind, look below

Why not just post the id# and password here so people can just join?

And note, you need the id#, not the league name.

league id: 227979

password: Flameout

come one, come all

damn my “fantasy profile” is so shitty. I like average coming in second to last place.

There are still 15 spots left for anyone that wants to join. The cutoff will be Saturday 12pm pacific time.

and for those that joined (or do join) reply here with your team name so we know who’s who.

i’m mucho gusto

Uh, I’m lankymofo.

Doesn’t look like this league is going to happen though.

Sign up if you’re not gay.

I’m in, and ready to lose. Haha.

I’m glad something like this popped up because I’ve never joined any fantasy league before. I joined a league a friend started, but nobody else is.

Um, what site is the league on?


[quote]LankyMofo wrote:

Tried yahoo several times with the info provided, getting
“This league is not registered in this game. (Error #272)”

Make sure you’re using the free league (the blue “Join a league” button) and then click “Join custom”