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Fantastic Three?


Death in store for Fantastic Four


"The Fantastic Four - superheroes whose creation nearly 50 years ago helped usher in the Silver Age of comics for Marvel - is about to become a trio.

Marvel Comics said yesterday that a member of the foursome - Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and the Thing - will die in issue number 587 next month, a change that the company said will ripple across the Marvel Universe like never before."

So, who should stay and who should go?


the thing...he's pretty useless


Didn't like Jessica Alba in the movie.


Really? Thing vs. Stretchy dude and Thing loses?


Didn't they kill REED off before?? yeah anyway this will be good enough to bring back the Son Of Satan comic from the 70's after they all travel to hell to retrieve The HUMAN TORCH yes he gets my vote.

Well superheroes go to Heaven all the time. Lets see them go to hell. Maybe torch will come back with some hell fire or something.


Well Reed is the "leader, plus he has more influence on other super heroes. I know in the past because of his background he's worked with spidey on his suits, and Cap and Iron man. The Thing is like a poor mans Hulk.


It'll be Sue Storm for sure. I bet you $5!


It'll be Sue or Reed. Would anyone really give a shit if Johnny or Ben died?


"clobberin time"


I'll see your five dollars and RAISE you $5 internet dollars.