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[quote]elevationgain wrote:
chubs108 wrote:
I keep my off-duty issue piece in my bag, along with some medical supplies, credit card, money clip, and my ID. Fack if I am gonna carry all that stuff in my pockets.

I have a couple buddies and a cousin who are in law enforcement and they tote their pieces in a fanny pack as well. My cousin’s is a velcro quick-release job which is pretty high speed.

Nowadays if I see a regular normal looking dude or girl dressed normally (not in traditional touristy garb)with a fanny pack I assume they’re toting a piece and graciously give them a wide berth.

Thanks for what you do.



Must be a Blackhawk Industries one, and you can place a patch when it opens that says Police or Sherriff or Swat? Yea, my neighbor has one.

I only wear my fanny pack when I wear my Members Only jacket and acid-washed jeans. And the jeans are tight-rolled above my velcro hightops.