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I need some help here....my husband owns a fanny pack. He doesn't realize that they should have been left behind in the 90's with the MC Hammer pants. Can anyone help me in explaining to him how uncool it is for a 360 pound man to walk around with a 50" fanny pack hanging from his mid section? I refuse to be seen in public with him and his "man-purse" fanny pack. Please help me in getting James to the 21st century by telling him how uncool fanny packs really are.


lol fanny pack...haha americans are hilarious. I take it a fanny pack is what we call a bum bag? If so very old school, Mr.Motivator style!


Is he a bodybuilder or professional powerlifter? If so, does he keep food in the "murse" (man purse)?

That, I could understand. Even Ronnie Coleman (Mr. Olympia, duh!) regularly walks around with a fanny pack containing protein bars/pills/etc.

If, however, he does not qualify for the above example, he indeed should stop. Tell him you think men who don't wear fanny packs are sexy. Or, perhaps, tell him he is burning extra calories needlessly by carrying the added weight of the groin-bivouac!

I'm sorry for that one.:slightly_smiling:



Your husband is a big guy, so I normally wouldn't say shit.

But, being from Montana, I need to make fun of him because...well, because there are'nt too many Montanans on here.

Ditch the fanny pack!

If not, at least buy some sunglasses and wear them both while working out.



well.. if you're in shorts and t-shirt where else you gonna keep your glock ?


Yes, he is a competitive powerlifter/strongman. But ya know, I still can't approve of the pack, no matter what's in it. I carry a purse, and wouldn't object to carrying things for him...all he has to do is ask.

Nate, I fully understand the big guy comment...and I really don't think too many people would start shit with him about it, but since I'm his wife, I can! Montana is a great place, but we really do see people from all different walks of life around here. I still think the state as a whole is behind about a decade in all trends, especially fashion! But the fanny pack has to go!


Exactly waht I was going to say. Only guys I see wearing those now are off duty cops. They all have these fancy leather ones with stitched in holster.


If you husband has a 50" waist, may I be as so bold to suggest that a fanny pack is the least of his problems.

Additionally, I think there is a proper time and place for everything. If you're lifting a fanny pack can be very useful for storing protien bars, chalk, mp3 player, etc. Anyone who has ever squatted with a protien bar or a mass of keys in their pocket would agree. I have a problem with people who wear fanny packs on vacation or worse yet just tooling around town.


That's funny, I just made a joke about wearing a fanny-pack on the "appropriate gym attire" thread.

Fanny packs are hilarious. But I always feel kind of sorry for people who wear them. It's kind of like "don't you know...?"

As long as there are bodybuilders, I don't think the fanny pack trend will ever die.


I wear a fanny pack, I have a 34" waist and I'm not a policeman. For me, they are tremendously functional since my casual dress many times consists of sweats or shorts with no pockets. I carry my wallet, keys and a number of other items. My wife will often ask me to hold on to certain things when she doesn't want to bring her entire purse.

This is a much maligned piece of storage gear, perhaps because of its association with bodybuilders and the clown pants they often wear.

Of course, I'm sure your entire wardrobe meets all current codified standards of social acceptability. Congratulations.


Ok, so maybe there is a time and a place for fanny packs. I sure as hell wouldn't want to run into one of those policemen with their sewn in holsters.

And no, I didn't say that everything I own "meets all current codified standards," but I was merely making a joke. Sorry you and your fanny pack take everything so seriously.


This sounds like a troll post...

I've thinking of getting one for the gym. I don't like keeping my keys and ID in my pocket, either to possibly fall out or get damaged by weights. I'd rather not use the lockers. 3/4's the time there's a naked old man hanging out.


It's not me, it's fanny and her absolute insistence on me defending her honor, seeing as she can't talk and all. Those retaliatory zipper burns can be terrible. And I wouldn't want her "accidentally" depositing my car keys somewhere. I guess that sort of makes me a slave to fashion, literally.


Small fanny packs for the gym which hold keys and perhaps a protein bar is about the only "acceptable" use/style.

Holster fanny packs are an entirely different beast. But thigh holsters are sooo much hotter....

Fanny pack wearers that approximate the male version of the 'mom purse' should meet the business end of the afore mentioned holster fanny pack.

For chrissake, if you are a man and have that much shit to carry A) You may not be a man, and B)Get a goddamn backpack.


I don't have much to say but I am laughing as I read this.


Tosum up what others have alluded to-swivel and karma-in hot climate where else are you going to put your sig-and at least one extra mag. You wouldn't want to get into a gunfight without an extra clip. Plus you need to carry handcuffs if you are in LE. Why is that? You say-I'll just blast them and be done with it. I had a buddy that shot someone in So Calif and didn't have cuffs in his fanny pack-he got reamed by lawyers who said-he never intened to arrest/detain etc.

If you live in a hot climate it is a pain in the ass -at time-toting around that anchor of a gun-a FP makes it so much easier to have your stuff. In a fistfight I have seen guns fly out of holsters-never fanny packs-ever. Plus with it right in front of you-so much less chance some shit head would take it from you-ie you are not relying on peripheral vision. Remember-over half of all officers are killed with their own weapons. This all being said-unless I had a gun I would never wear one. Just my .02cents.


I keep my off-duty issue piece in my bag, along with some medical supplies, credit card, money clip, and my ID. Fack if I am gonna carry all that stuff in my pockets.


I use a "fanny pack" for my iPod, but it is made for only the iPod. Dont like the arm holster and dont trust pockets for my iPod.

But, as for big ones, why? They are truly too bulky to wear.


I have one of those big ones, but I had a lot of stuff and my backpack was to big too and was useless and I'd have sweat marks from walking with it on and my big shirt would cover it so it wasn't that noticable. I also had papers and receits for customers (I was a door to door sails man at one time for the local newspaper) and didn't want to carry anything with my hands except a bottle of water to sip on.

I have an excuse for mine being big I go hunting and use it for hunting it also isn't like bright pink or anything it was black and dark brown.


I have a couple buddies and a cousin who are in law enforcement and they tote their pieces in a fanny pack as well. My cousin's is a velcro quick-release job which is pretty high speed.

Nowadays if I see a regular normal looking dude or girl dressed normally (not in traditional touristy garb)with a fanny pack I assume they're toting a piece and graciously give them a wide berth.

Thanks for what you do.