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Fancy Dress Costume

i have to dress uo this friday for work. its the last day of a summer scheme i coach at and all the staff are dressing up. i dont want to have to spend any money as i have none to spend.

anybody got and decent ideas as what to go as and how to acheive that costume/look etc?



One of the best Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen was simply a good lookin guy in a tux with a gift tag pinned to his jacket that said
To: Women
From: God

Totally cracked me up!

You could easily pull off something similar I’m sure- don some nice dress clothes, make a gift tag, perhaps pin a red bow next to the gift tag or something.

although that is a good idea…

the summer scheme is for kids aged 4-14 so it wudnt really be appropiate. although i think i might so that for this years halloween.

nice thinking!

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lol… damn. its hard… i was thinking super mario. i think i cud get a pair of dungarees in a charity shop and i have a long sleeve red tshirt and red hat…

but that actually involves buying something. which i want to avoid.