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Fancy Clothes


We all know our goal here is to make our bodies look and feel good, but looking good with clothes on is equally important. What kind of nice clothes do you all wear/want to wear? Any favorite designers? Any article of clothing you like best.

For me, I've had my eye on an Armani suit for some time. I'm also partial to Hugo Boss. Its a little bad because I'm 21 and thats all way beyond my means, but still. It all looks so good. Lets discuss looking classy.


Are you talking about suits only or every-day/going out clothes too?


I've always been a Guess whore when it comes to the usual stuff.


I can usually be found in a custom Tom James suit at work

A RL Polo and Dockers pleated shorts hanging out

Blue jeans, Ostrich cowboy boots and button shirts (I like how RL Chaps shirts fit) when "out"


Both. Formalwear and casual clothes are all good. I just really like Armani.


Ripped jeans
Leather panys
Jeans with heavy chains
Wool caps

Suits...mandarin collar..always black with violet

Pin stripe zoot suits.....wine on blood


I'm either elegant (fine wool, silk, cashmere, expensive shoes, top leather) or thug (jeans, thermal and some tims or sneakers). I don't do "preppy", polo shirts or docker shorts or shirts. If it looks like I could wear it to some casual corporate function, I don't own it. There isn't much in between for me, except summer. I make em both look good.

I don't care what the label says when it comes to elegant...I touch it first. If it doesn't please my tactile senses, I go no further, label be damned.

But no clothing discussion here is complete without a comment about sizing. Armani is cut for little boys, but I did manage to find an A/X thermal that fits me. But generally, they make clothes for little boys. I tried on some A/X jeans and got my leg halfway down and no further. Too many designers just don't cater to bigger guys. Most don't go 2x or it's hard to find.


Once you get to a certain size buying clothes off the rack becomes tedious. Even if you don't get "swoll" always get dress shirts and pants tailored professionally.


Invest in a good tailor.



Good articles, good clothing, reasonable prices on handmade.


Hugo Boss suits FTW.


Sorry. :slightly_smiling:


Here in Germany, I have to order my clothes online, as they don't make clothes big enough for me here. I can't shop in A&F, AE, Gap, Express Men, etc., as like BG said, they only cater to lil guys.

As far as my style goes, I am pretty versatile. I can do preppy, formal, fancy, casual, "hood", so on and so forth. I don't do sagging pants, nor skinny anything.


Rod as big as you are I really do not think they make a skinny anything in your size. :slightly_smiling:


You can never go wrong in a fitted Hugo Boss suit. I also love anything Ralph Lauren Polo.


I would pay money to see you in skiny girl jeans. You know the type that super thug lil wayne wore in the VMA's.

Yea Buddy!


I think I could wear skinny jeans...

if the waist size was 60.


I just can't get past that little polo fucker they put on everything...It's like when there's a spider on you...WHERE? GET IT OFF ME!

Psycho Bunny negates that issue, however. Best logo ever.


For those interested:



Best Jeans: Joes relaxed fit. Damn they're comfy.


I am actually on a mission to find a pair of skinny jeans, just so I can walk around and show folks just how fucking ridiculous they are. Might even sag them.