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Fan of What T Nation Was, Not a Fan of What It Has Become Now


Not even close. She was cool and all, but did more like selfies and stuff.

Debs were like works of art based on an incredible female form.


This topic literally comes up every few years… The old site/forum/authors/articles were better / more harcore, its all about ads now, wheres my old friends, etc…

Literally, the same complaints every few years.

Someone on YouTube predicted the death of T-Nation because google ads started appears in their articles, and yet here we all are on T-Nation still.

I’ll see you guys in a few years on the next “What happened to T-Nation” Thread.

It does seem like a lot of the conversations happen in the Logs these days, I dont remember that being the case a few years back. That and Professor X is gone, dude was the source or cause for like 50% of the discussions on here it felt like


Haha, I read the first page thinking “I don’t remember this,” then get to the back page and am ALL up in it, arguing about marriage and divorce - with Professor X no less. What’s funny is that my marriage ended not long after. It turns out I was largely right in my predictions, for the record. My stupid ex-husband was at my house for Thanksgiving this past year (and the one before).

Good times, though. The forums seemed more exuberant then, somehow. Now we seem divided into the very young and immature and sort of elder-statesmen-like, with threads going one way or the other rather than having everyone piling in to argue in several directions at the same time. It was messier then, which made it more dynamic, I think. I think the reply button can make reading threads difficult. Having replies automatically quote whatever they’re replying to would be helpful for skimming and catching up, IMO. Other than that I have no problem with formatting, and there are things I like about the new setup. You’re right, Dr P, that forums in general are not doing well. My Estrogen Nation, which while never as large as TN still had tons of daily traffic a few years ago, is pretty much gone. A lot of that had to do with conflict and people splitting off, but some of it is competition from the other social medias.


I’m going to need to see some jawlines before I can make a call on any of these.


What a depressing thread.


Whats not to love about that?

A guy arguing for 18 pages about something he has never done and knows nothing about!

Thats priceless!


Lol, that’s exactly what I was thinking reading through it!


Unless you’re tracking the traffic across ALL the forums, then I don’t see how you can properly make that assessment. Isn’t it possible that there are just a lot more lanes of traffic with less congestion today than there was before? It seems to me that the overall traffic could certainly be similar to, if not higher than, your beloved golden years, but that people just spread it out over more threads. I think the logs are much busier than they used to be, and there seem to be more active ones. It used to be the case that I could go for a few weeks without posting in my log, and I could go to the log section, scroll down just a little bit, and I’d find my own to write my next post. That’s certainly not the case now, I’d have to scroll forever, even after just a few days of not posting. I think you’re absolutely right that the forums are being used differently now, and that the traffic flow has changed. The ‘off topic section’ is observably less popular than some of the older similar forums on here. But the BSL forum gets plenty of traffic, as does the beginner section, and pharma and TRT sections. Constant new posts in all of those.


I agree. I have to look up my username and select “topics” to find my own log.


It’s probably just suffering through a bad period.


That’s bloody clever.


Women ovary act all the time.


True, but that’s no reason to rag on them.


I guess so, but Aunt Flo never shut up about the Red Scare.


Well, I understand. They caused a massacre at the Y.

And you won’t believe what happened when they took Carrie to the prom!


I’m actually shocked reading that. shocked I talked to Debra that way. I don’t know if I was sucked into the TN culture at that time or what. Not really interested in reading any other old posts.


It was pretty risque but she didn’t seem to mind at all! Maybe we are all being affected by the feminist movement around us?

If I don’t post in the next few days I have been abducted by feminazis for this radical post :astonished: plz send help.


I miss some of the more prolific posters, they made things interesting. I was never very prolific, but I enjoyed spending a lot of time here, especially when I had a boring job with computer access. These days I see interesting debates, and some high caliber posters and would like to contribute, I just don’t have the time.

I also have the feeling that I used to be more of an asshole, at least on the internet. I remember poking people and occasionally saying crazy shit that I didn’t really believe just to see what happens. I think that’s a consequence of boredom and a general lack of purpose in life. I believe this is where Pepe the frog and the Peoples Republic of Kekistan come from.


You were a dick to me about some post I made about some ex-gf I had seen a the gym. I forget exactly what was said and I’m not really inclined to dig it out as it was probably more than 10 years ago - but yea, I can corroborate lol … ftr I’m sure I deserved it - I was a douchebag back then.