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Famous People At Your Gym


Hi everyone.

Here i am training at my little gym near canberra in australia and who do i see walk in but fabio.He is out here for a tv show called "celebrity challenge" where they get the local tv fatties and put them through a 6 week challenge to lose as much weight as possible.Fabio is the "special" guest from america.He is one big mofo 6 feet 3 around 240 pounds,he has come here to get back into shape,he says he has lost to much size.Pretty nice guy but it was to hard to talk to him because he was to busy trying to chat up all the local ladies.A funny story though,he got pulled up by the cops for not wearing a seatbelt hahaha and fined.Do some countries not require people to wear seatbelts? its a good $200 fine if we dont.Another one of my friends was working out and fabio went up to her,she had no idea who he was and said get a haircut ya big goose "lol" then i went to tell her that it was fabio,she went bright fucking red ahhh it was some funny shit
Just thought id share that story,any body else have any famous celeb story's from the gym?


Well I train at home, so the likelyhood of celebrities training there goes way down.

Funny though that you should mention Fabio and "goose" in the same story, since Fabio took one in the face while he was on a carnival ride a while back: http://www.beyondblonde.com/Celebrity/fabiogetsbird.html


Each state has its own seatbelt laws in the U.S. The vast majority of them require seatbelts, including all the states I live in. And frankly, I think you'd have to be a fucking moron to drive without one, even where that is allowed.

But to answer your question, most states in the U.S. require them, but not all.


I wear mine all the time...here in NH where it's not required. But when I go to Mass, where it is, I take it off.
I see no reason for Big Brother to tell me what to do to that extent.


Let me see if I get this straight:

You yourself think that wearing a seat belt is a smart thing to do (since that's what you choose when you're given free choice.)

But in a state where that choice has been legislated, you'd rather do the "stupid" thing and not wear you seatbelt because you don't like when your behavior is dictated by law (even if you agree with the behavior in the first place.)

So, on principle, you'll risk fines, injuries, disability and even death just so you can show those "bastards".

Following that logic, would it be cruel of me to remind you that in New Hampshire, heroin is illegal. So are crack and meth. Driving drunk is illegal. I'm pretty sure walking outside naked and defecating on public property is prohibited by law.

If you're going to disobey all those on principle too, please have someone videotape it. You know, just so we can use it to get all those laws repealed.


You Canadians will never understand.


Hey, you're the ones letting stuff like the Patriot Act get voted into law. You also let the government proliferate all those acronym organisations... FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, CBP and now Homeland Security. That much policing would make me nervous. You're already well underway in losing separation of church and state, so you'll get religious beliefs legislated into law.

And you're complaining about seatbelts? Sheesh.

Here, we've got the GRC (which, I guess, would be CIA+FBI+ATF) and CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) which is basically 3 guys in a rental car with a pair of binoculars.


"..which is basically 3 guys in a rental car with a pair of binoculars. "

Holy shit, that one made me laugh! See, you don't have anything to rebel against!


Aw man, you REALLY shouldn't have said that. You know that they'll find out.

My advice: be sure to look under the dogsled before you use it or start snowshoeing to work.



This stinks of such childish ignorance I just don't know how to react.

After all, it's not like you're making a stupid decision.

In fact, I'm sure if something happened to you as a result of no seatbelt, you'd gladly incur all of the medical costs yourself rather than use your medical plan and drive up the premiums for everyone else because you were "sticking it to da' man" and showing "Big Brother" who is the boss of you.

Oh wait... You probably don't have any insurance (veh. or health) to speak of, since some of that is warranted by "Big Brother" as well.

Kewl. Well I don't know what I was getting worried about since I've talked myself out of being amazed.
Hell, go get on your GSXR750, throw away that helmet, and pop wheelies down the interstate during rush hour. It's not like any of those laws should apply to you.


Dude, your thread got majorly hi-jacked... Arguing seat belt laws for christ sake...

Too bad, because I wanted to hear some funny celebrity stories.


Going back to the origanal post.

My home gym (its really like a luxury health club) in Northern VA is right near Redskins training park, so I've played basketball with a majority of the redskins rookies over the years, including Darnerien McCants, Fred Smoot, and various others... also alot of the redskins administration works out there as well. Every now and then we'll see a celebrity, but mainly its high profile athletes.


I once worked out at a World Gym in Thomaston, CT, that was part-owned by Paul Roma, a professional wrestler. He looked big on TV, but I'm 5'8", and I swear I had to look down to look him in the eye.

Carrot-Top works out at Nautilus Plus in Torrington, CT, whenever he's in town for a show. The owner has no clue who he is, but proudly showed me the pics they took the last time he was there.


-A few NHL guys in one gym

-Hugo Girard in another (Wow. ~365 behind the neck barbell shoulder press for sets of 5 or 6)

-Some wrestling guys (The Rock and Goldberg I think) when they were in town at my current one but I wasn't there.

-Ronnie Coleman when he was in town, but missed it again (not that I really care that much).


Gym Max in Gatineau?


When I sold fitness equipment in a affluent suburb of Milwaukee (yes they do exist) I had the privaledge of selling a Cybex treadmill and home gym to Ray Allen. Also chatted with Scott Williams and Danny Manning when they played for the Bucks. George Carl often ate breakfast on the patio of the deli next door. John MacClocklin (spelling) also frequented our store, he was good friends with our OPS manager. He was one of he most uplifting people I have ever met, extremely nice person.


It is? Damn, I got to be more careful in the future.



No; I trained at Laval University in Quebec City one summer, which is where a number of athletes trained.

I saw Hugo Girard at Mega Gym 24 or whatever it's called in Quebec; I think he was doing a strongman even that weekend.

When Ronnie Coleman was in Gatineau for a show he passed by Montreal and trained at the Rock. Well they tell me he trained but I was out of town.

By the way, I didn't know about your name when I chose this one last year. It's a nickname people gave me, but I'll change it to something else.


(not to self) Dont fuckin mention seatbelts again :frowning:

The only other some what famous person who had trained at my gym is Aussie bb Guy Grundy.A monster he is but only 5'9 max,strong as a bull.The sumbitch was doin hammer curls with our 80 pounds dumbells for sets of 10 :confused:



I thought I saw God once - turned out it was some skinny prick doing frat curls.