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Famous Movies You've Never Seen


Some movies you've just never gotten around to seeing.

For me:

Gone With The Wind
Top Gun
The Godfather
The Big Lebowski
The Good,The Bad and the Ugly
For a Fistfull of Dollars
For a Few Dollars More


Gone with the Wind


Does this really count as "never gotten around to seeing" considering it is still in theaters?


Oh yeah...I forgot Scarface!

Apocalypse Now
Dr Strangelove
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Easy Rider
Clockwork Orange


The Right Stuff

The WILD BUNCH (I'm betting most of you never seen, but trust me its in the top 5 of all times)

Hard Times (Charles Bronson at his best)

Ninja Scroll


Gotta see Clockwork Orange bro, a movie that stands the test of time...

I have never seen Dr. Strangelove, Easy Rider either

Apocolypse now was good another overrated movie IMO, Ill take deerhunter, Platoon or Fullmetal Jacket over it.


I think with me, and I love watching movies...the more a movie becomes popular (i.e. Scarface or Transformers) the less I want to see it. I always feel I will be dissapointed and for the most part im right


OH and -

The Boys in Company C (same drill Sargent 15yrs younger though)


I've noticed that sometimes I will watch an older movie (such as Apocalypse Now) and since it has been imitated so many times it appears to be contrived. Basically, so many other movies have "borrowed" from it that it almost becomes a caricature of a genre, rather than a movie that helped launch a genre.

Take a movie like The Matrix. I remember being blown away by that in the theaters; particularly the fight scenes. I recently watched it again and those same fight scenes seemed tired and overdone since I have seen those same effects a million times over now.

I'm kind of a movie nut so I try to catch up on a lot of the movies I have missed, but the big one I have never seen is Titanic. I've also yet to watch Raging Bull. I saw Taxi Driver once, but was stoned out of my gourd and remember very little so I better catch that one again.


Too many to remember.
Most of the 80's I avoided anything pop culture and commercial (I didn't want my art to reflect pop culture... ironic now that most of my work is SO commercial).
Most of the 90's I was too busy raising a child, growing a business, and refurbishing a house to do much else.

I missed a lot of "famous" movies.


Every time SP posts I fall in love a little more...

I've never seen a single Star Wars or James Bond movie and anything in black and white can't hold my attention (with the exception of Hitchcock and Fellini) - its kind of sad really.


Its ironic how that works out...you get innundated with formulaic movies of todays generation and when you finally see the "great" movie that started it all its old and tired...

Raging Bull and Taxi Driver are legitimate great movies IMO because it transcends time and genre. You dont need to be a boxing fan or even know who Jake Lamatta was to enjoy the movie, and Taxi Driver the topic will never get old, mental disorders, vigilantism, obsessions and isolation and NYC at its worst.


x2 B&W bores the shit out of me, (sans raging bull). The acting always seems super corny. James Bond movies the only one I ever saw was Octopussy...for the name and was dissapointed. I mean were was the Octopusses Pussy ( I was only 8).


Totally! I love watching movies from the 70-80s that are set in NYC. This place is Disneyland compared to what it was back in the day.

Taxi Driver, Urban Cowboy, hell, even Moonstruck (set in my hood no less!). Love em all just cuz i get to see NY in its heyday.


Someone had fucked up priorities in the 90s




Urban Cowboy F T W ! I was telling that kid who wanted to move to NYC with a G in his pocket to watch it cuz he would turn into Jon Voight...another movie that stands the test of time.

Also gotta throw the Warriors for awesome NYC scenes of the 70s


Matty, do you live in (and love) NYC?


Never seen Citizen Kane


Schindler's List one of those that slipped by me and just have not taken the time to see. Nards WTF, you have not seen The Good the bad and the Ugly?